Windows 8 eCommerce App for your Magento Store

Of course, the range of Microsoft Windows is unparalleled. Windows 7 is a popular as well as bestselling operating system of all times that is being used by more than 500 million people all over the world, which accounts for 40% of all operating systems used worldwide.

Windows 8 eCommerce App

Now, Windows 8 has been launched to start a new age of Operating Systems! This windows version is intended to become a milestone in the development of computing. Windows are re-imagined from the chipset to the user experience! This is what Windows 8 aims to.

The version has been designed to be outstandingly customized! Designed for multiple form-factors, Windows 8 is compatible with tablets, desktops, laptops, hybrid devices and all-in-ones.

Great mobility and power offered!

Based on the Windows 8 UI design, the version in all devices, will give users the mobility, power and familiarity to move effortlessly between things they want to do as well as things they need to do! It bonds the potential of a tablet with the power of a PC.

Hence, the Windows 8 devices are perfect for all aspects of life. Hybrid devices and tablets based on Windows 8 integrate the mobility and convenience of a tablet and productivity of a PC. When windows 8 strengthens the new windows tablets/PC/laptops, Apps improves the user experience.

A broad launching acceptance!

Windows 8 version has been launched on 28/10/2012 and within the first 4 days, around 4 million users around the world upgraded to the latest version! Within 2 months, around 40 million windows 8 licenses sold. More and more people are started using the version and hence, number of apps made in the version also increased.

Till this time around 20,000 apps has been developed and made available in the store, and around 500 new apps are getting ready every day. Moreover, around 87% of these apps are available at free of charge. Of the many, shopping apps are much popular and plays a significant role as well. Most big and renowned brands have launched their shopping apps in the store.

Windows 8 eCommerce app – a new doorway!

For all Magento online store owners, Windows 8 eCommerce app can be a new doorway to their stores. It is a fast, fluid and responsive interface of the eCommerce app, making shopping experience more easy and enjoyable for customers. With intuitive UI, one click convenience is provided that make the app easy to launch and change seamlessly too. Today, more people prefer apps than opening a browser to visit a particular page.

This can be due to the influence of smart phone and tablet across the world. Reports say that one in every 5 businesses is receiving a custom app built! In the last year, 85 billion apps have been downloaded.

Repeat business ensured

Windows 8 eCommerce app for your Magento store ensures you repeated business! When a customer is satisfied with his/her shopping experience through the app installed in the gadget, she/he is less likely to use the browser next time and visit another website to buy a product.

In addition to that, windows store is available on every windows 8 gadget of app, which provides you with a chance to draw more customers. Windows store on a gadget makes creating strategies possible and takes measures by giving analytics on your app.

Your app will download the demographics of audience based on their age, sex, country, etc, and it will keep downloading to your device. Thus, windows 8 ecommerce app can be your new tool to enhance your e-business and spread your brand name all over the world.

Features of Windows 8 eCommerce app

Custom-made design

This app let you customize certain basic theme settings including text, colors, banners, icons and logos. Hence, the app could be controlled in terms of appearance in the app store.

Special W8 Only custom pages

Special pages are allowed to be made, which is a great option for running ‘App Only’ specials and promotions. Besides, you can customize contact pages, home page and so on.

Shop & share

This app compresses of every image and description and so, your customers can shop absolutely within the app. They just need to click on ‘view online’ or ‘buy now’ button to buy a product and add it to their regular store’s cart. This app lets customers to search for products, and share, like and tweet items!

Windows has being the #1 Operating System across the world and the latest version, Windows 8 has been quickly received by people. The new windows 8 app store lets users to install apps directly on the desktop and hence, you can make your store available to your customers with only one click.

One of the best things about Windows 8 is that the apps are compatible with all of their devices including desktop, tablets and smart phones too. Hence, a huge potential exposure is offered for your stores app on Windows 8!

Importance of giving your store an app

Just like stores, apps are ranking higher when they put in your store! More and more apps are being added to the windows app store and hence, getting reviews and start ranking better has become simple. Windows app store is new and is a great chance to ahead of competition.

Upgrade to windows 8

Time has come to upgrading your windows version to the latest windows 8 edition. As explained earlier, it comes with lots of built-in features and benefits. Moreover, it is a must tool for eCommerce store owners to keep them ahead of competition. It improves shopping experience by letting customers choose products at one click and add them to their shop cart.

Payment gateway has also been made easier and hence, one can shop from the comfort of own home conveniently than before! Windows experts and shopping cart developers prefer Windows 8 version to be upgraded by eCommerce store owners. So, upgrade to the latest version and enjoy its benefits.

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