7 iPhone Apps For Better Fitness

iphone apps for Fitness

With its many excellent fitness iphone apps, the iPhone can help you reach all your fitness goals. Whether you’re interested in running, losing weight, or body-building, the iTunes store has the right fitness app for you. Get started with the next apps.

iphone apps for Fitness

1. GymGoal ABC – Free

Providing hundreds of animated exercises with written instructions, and tens of adjustable workout routines, GymGoal ABC is an essential weight lifting app. A great feature of the app is the body map menu, through which you select a part of your body and get recommendations on the best exercises for strengthening it.

2. RunKeeper – Free

Using GPS, RunKeeper tracks your distance and progress, measuring time, speed, and burned calories. It also records the path you traveled on a map. Also comes with a workout history synced online, and with Twitter and Facebook sharing features.

3. Nutrition Tips – Free

If you didn’t know that diets that provide 3 cups of milk products daily improve bone mass, or that cut melon must be discarded after two hours, you’ll like Nutrition Tips. The app offers hundreds of useful nutrition tips that will help you improve your diet, and that you can share with your friends and family via SMS.

4. BeatBurn – $3.99

BeatBurn is useful if you do most of your running indoors on a treadmill. It basically changes the music beat to match your footsteps, so that running never becomes boring. This app will ensure you keep running hard.

5. FitnessBuilder – $9.99

With thousands of images and videos, hundreds of workouts, extensive tracking abilities, and powerful calculators, FitnessBuilder is an all-in-one fitness app for the iPhone. It provides all the tools you need to improve your fitness.

6. CycleMeter – $4.99

Essentially a biking iPhone app, CycleMeter also works for skating, skiing, as well as running and walking. It records time, distance, elevation, and speed, and it can also display your heart rate, and bike speed and cadence, provided that you buy a separate fitness system. CycleMeter is well put together and stable.

7. Lose It – Free

A fitness journal tracker, Lose It features a huge food library, with each item coming with essential values like calories, fibers, fat, and protein. It also lets you track daily exercises, calculating burned calories. Finally, it provides a graph that shows how much progress you’re making.

With so many great iPhone fitness apps, you really have no excuse for not improving your fitness.

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