pliXos.Com- The Leader in Providing Outsourcing Services

Outsourcing has got a wider picture in the recent times. No matter whether you have a global company or a small scale company, you can choose to outsource. Outsourcing has become the defining issue nowadays.


In the recent times, many companies are moving their development process, business process and manufacturing to outsourcing. Information technology is an important aspect for the evolution of any company.

Many a times technical competence required is higher than what we currently have. In this case you can think of outsourcing. Outsourcing though has numerous benefits but if you don’t have the ample connections or do not know the pitfalls, there is a chance that outsourcing can burn a hole in your pocket.

In the era of outsourcing, pliXos showed up. The company provides comprehensive consultancy services and online tools to guide you through the entire process of outsourcing. It provides various competencies like project preparation, situation analysis, project support and quality assurance.

The Company pliXos has got a lot of recognition and many positive feedback from the users. Many fitting enterprises offering services from European countries like Bulgaria and Ukraine are directly registered in the market place of pliXos.

The market place of pliXos provides best match for the outsourcing of your software projects. It aims at providing you best fitting provider for you and your project. It lets you hire the best outsourcing provider in less than 15 minutes for your software project. Not only it provides you quick access to outsourcing provider but it also lets you save money. With pliXos, you can now save upto 60% of your total cost expenditure.

The Tools under pliXos are offered as SaaS (Software as a Service) which means you do not need to install any software. You do not need to worry about any software update, license or asset management.

These are the things of past and you need not to worry when you outsource your software project with pliXos. The company provides various different products like Outsourcing Advisor, useful for Business Care Analysis for IT Outsourcing, Suitability for Outsourcing and Assessment of Provider and Location.

The Business Care tool ensures the competencies of all relevant factors. It validates and verifies model as a basis. It also provides immediate availability of provider at lowest cost. pliXos assigns a project to any Outsourcing provider by checking the suitability.

The assessment of the suitability considers various factors like process and environment. The strategy of the outsourcing provider and its impact on the company. It ensures the proper documentation of the project. It keeps a check on the project and development process.

pliXos also provides a multi dimensional approach towards the assessment of service provider. It evaluates the provider significantly. The multi dimensional approach understands the performance and the risks of economy.

It also evaluates the performance and the risks of the supplier. The company also has introduced Tender Management which significantly reduces the effort for the management of complex projects which in turn helps you save time and money. It has made whole process transparent in order to benefit both the seller and the buyer.

pliXos has been associated with many renowned enterprises which has used the outsourcing services from the company.

It has a big list of customers including International corporations, Small Businesses and numerous mid sized enterprises. The company believes in complete professionalism, reliability and confidentiality.

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