5 Best Sites for Free Online Games

The internet is becoming more virtualized with each passing day. Among these, games have been an all- time favourite of people belonging to all age groups.


With more and more mesmerising games coming up every other day, there are lots of online websites which are providing a chance for gamers across the world to come and play online games on their respective websites. In this post below, we are going to discuss the 5 best sites for free online games.

Best 5 Sites for Free Online Games:

1. Kongregate

First introduced to the world in the year 2007, Kongregate is now a property of Gamestop Corporation. Ever since its first brush with the world, this website is very famous among the gamers. This website has a wide range of free games to its credit, which ranges to more than 70, 000 in number.

Some of the game categories present on Kongregate is shooting games, role playing games (RPG), action games, puzzles as well as online multiplayer games among many others. The signing up and registration is absolutely free, but users who want a premium membership will have to spent a little amount of money.

2. Armor Games

Earlier known as Games of Gondor, Armor Games is a really cool website which is perfect for feeding the gamer inside you from time to time. Not only is Armor Games equipped with some of the most widely played games, rather there is a whole new catalogue of games present on this website that are raging over the internet as well as it showcases games which are yet to be introduced.

With free registration, users can enjoy Facebook connectivity and many other benefits. Apart from this, tips and tricks are also available for new players. The most famous category of games available on Armor Games is action & arcade, sports and strategy. But it is soon going to explore other categories as well.

3. Addicting Games

Almost every online player is aware of this website. Addicting games is probably the best free online gaming website on the internet ever since it came into existence. The best part about this website is that it has the most extensive category of games, which also includes games for girls and kids.

Since this website is controlled and owned by Nickelodeon, it also features some of the cutest games and stuff. In a way, Addicting games is focused towards teens, but everyone should definitely give it a try.

4. Newgrounds

Newgrounds is one of the best animations and Flash- based gaming websites on the internet today. Apparently, this website has grown many folds and now it also features art and music category. Almost every category of game is present on Newgrounds and you can easily sort them on the basis of ranking, popularity, rating as well as views.

Newgrounds is very popular among the gamers and this is exactly the reason why its forums and chats are always bustling with comments and active user- conversations.

5. Caesars Casino

Caesars Online Casino Games offer real prizes in the form of money and hence it is very famous among people who love playing card games. It is one of the first and most popular card games website on the internet that offers real money to its players.

There is a wide variety of card games that you can play on Caesars Casino, for instance Video Poker, Jackpot, Blackjack, Table Games, Roulette and Slot Machine among many others.

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