6 Packs Of Free Icons For User Interface Design

Free Icons

Developing a website from scratch requires a lot of stuffs to deal with.Free Icons, fonts, elements and many other objects are required to put on a complete website. Even if you’re using a content management system like WordPress, Joomla or others, you will need to spend a lot of time preparing the elements for your website.

We have been noticing a popular trend that most developers are following since a while. It’s about using free icons packs for user interface design.

Free Icons

There are millions of resources, creative designers who create and distribute these stuffs free-of-cost under common attribute license. Let’s explore some innovative, resourceful icon packs you may use for user interface design of your website.

6 packs of free icons for user interface design: a must-explore list

Literally, there are thousands of resources online where we can find these creative, useful icons for the website’s user interface. Here, we will explore some of the most popular free icon packs available online.

1. Urban stories

Most web designers know about this amazing free icon pack and they invariably use the icons in different web development projects. The icons work well on most modern websites.

There are several creative objects that can make your website appear modern, innovative and more importantly – complete. Urban stories pack covers several urban items that reflect modern concept, lifestyles and architectures.

2. Iconmonstr

The name says it all about this icon pack. We have listed some amazing, innovative icons for web user interfaces. Iconmonstr has a website with thousands of creative icons for free and paid distribution. The database is resourceful even for a big web development company. Web designers love the flexible, unique icons available at iconmonstr.

3. Eco Ico

Nowadays, many webmasters are becoming interested in developing ecofriendly, greener websites. Hence the demands for icons with green shades and touches have increased than ever before. Eco Ico is concerned about this growing need and they have brought a creative, stylish icon set for the web designers around the world. It comes under a common attribute license and distributed free of cost online.

4. 350 pixel perfect glyphs icons

These 350 icons come in a mega pack; with numerous choices for the web designers and developers. The software comes with a free license, so anyone can use it anywhere. The icons are perfect choices for web based applications, website interfaces or even other regular applications. Some flash game developers have also used these icons in their gaming apps creatively.

5. Glyph Icons

These monochromatic icons are primarily developed for apple devices. However, they work better than expected on other popular platforms. At the same time, these icons seem to render high quality image on websites, web based applications, smartphone applications and definitely, as printouts. You can use these icons free of cost anywhere you want as they come with a non-commercial distribution license.

6. Minia

Minia seems to be another icon pack for the unorthodox web designers. The pack contains some great miniature icons that are capable of reflecting the websites overall image precisely. These vector scalable graphics work fine for the responsive websites; regardless of the browser or the devices, Minia icon pack seems to work just PERFECT!

There are thousands other resourceful icon libraries where you can access millions of creative, useful icons for your website or application. The packs mentioned above are already being used by many leading web designers around the world. If you’re searching for quality icon packs, explore the list mentioned above!

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