Using Micro Video Systems to Inspect Failed Electronics


When electronics fail, it may be difficult to determine the cause when using the naked eye. This could be problematic when it comes time for prototype analysis or discovering a common fault prior to a general recall. Using micro video systems may make a vast improvement when trying to discover faulty motherboards or microscopic damage that leads to a failed product. Instead of assuming the cause of the problem or disassembling an entire motherboard while testing each piece, these devices may be able to assist in discovering those small problems that elude you.


Micro video systems utilize an electronic microscope connected to a computer monitor. This provides excellent resolution while allowing you to display the image on virtually any video capable of supporting the connection. Whether you use this on your desk or need a widescreen view in a conference room with a 42-inch screen, the micro video system may accommodate your requirements.

The high magnification of some micro video systems can zoom in on a particular area up to 1200 times. This may give an excellent view of the area providing while examining the smallest of connections. Imperfections within the board’s circuitry may be easier to view at this range providing you a clear image of the target area. As many of these units utilize a variety of couplers, you can quickly change the field of view when maximum magnification may be too much for that which you’re examining.

As these systems don’t utilize a traditional eyepiece for magnifying an area to be seen, you can easily make the workspace as ergonomic as you need. Using a computer monitor, you can set the display to comfortable levels as you would any other computer system. If you’re developing a work area, setting the micro video monitor next to your computer display may provide an easy glance back at projects while working with online applications or developing reports.

The image clarity produced by the micro zoom video inspection systems may provide magnification of the target without distortion and chromatic aberration. This means you are able to see the target area with clear and sharp detail allowing you to make decisions based on visual evidence rather than speculation.

For more information regarding micro video systems, sites such as provide a great deal of information. When you need a versatile and high magnification zoom within your project, consider what a micro zoom video inspection system can do for you.

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