What Finish Are You Looking For?

Every jewelry designer knows the finish that they prefer on their stones, and they need to make sure that they have done their due diligence in finding the items they need for their designs.

The people who buy from the designer expect a certain aesthetic, and the designer must make sure they understand the great SOPs that the refiners are using. When the jeweler knows about this information, they can get the stones that their best customers want to see on every new jewelry piece.


The Smooth Finish

The smooth finish on each and every stone that the jeweler uses is something that will help people make jewelry that looks much more classy. There are many smooth finishes that will give every color in the stone a time to shine.

Most jewelers are using the stones to bring in some extra color, and the jewelers need to know that they are buying from a place that always puts the color before the shape of the stone. The vibrant colors make every single new jewelry piece a great thing to wear.

Matte Finishes

Matte finishes are something that some people want to use to make sure that they are not allowing the jewelry to overtake the person who is wearing the jewelry. Also, there are many people who need matte finishes on their jewelry to make sure that there is a contrast to the other stones on the jewelry.

The Size

There are some refiners that end up with small stones most of the time, but there are other refiners who have very large stones that look great. The jeweler needs to make sure that they are getting all the sizes and colors they need to make up every single piece of jeweler in their shop. The jeweler needs to be sure that they are using all the right sizes when they start working.

The best way for a jeweler to make sure that they are getting the right pieces is to understand how the refiners do their job. Each stone must be refined in a way that the jeweler is going to be able to find the things they need to be creative.

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