Bring Your Meetings to Life with Robust Multimedia Enhanced Rooms


If you are prepared with your project, business plan, or planning to do a general meeting or conference, the atmosphere and the environment of the meeting room plays a outstanding role to capture and keep your audience attention.


Well, in that case, Multimedia Enhanced Rooms will bring your meeting to the new procedure. TWD’s Audio Video solutions for multimedia enhanced rooms help you to bring the effective and more impact presentations such as graphics, voice, video and data with the help of Robust multimedia enhancements. Moreover, the presentation and the message should be effective not technology.

Audio Video Solutions for multimedia-enhanced rooms are cost-effective, easy to use and easy to support. These Solutions, presents you the Incorporate secure and non-secure telepresence capabilities, displays a wide variety of media inputs such as DVDs and cable TV’s and accessing, manipulating or displaying information that stored in your personal computers using email, office productive suite or own custom solutions.

These Multimedia enhanced rooms are controlled by the robust TWD control system. The touch panel is the most important and easy to use. This touch panel gives the information to the presenters to switch easily and route information to multiple displays and room connectivity locations. Most of the meeting rooms are attracted the furnishing and lightening effects.

TWD will give guarantee to ensure your enhancing rooms into the total atmosphere of the meeting environment. By this, there is no chance to distract from the meeting with the comfort of the furnishing and lightening systems.

With the help of the certified experts of Audio Video Solutions of TWD team, there are many types of designs regards to the differences in functions, furniture, layout and lightening systems.

They also provide the comparison between the Command and Control Center and Multimedia Enhanced Room in which TWD takes the important difference in function, layout, system and furniture, which leads to different designs of the rooms and system integrations.

Coming back to the experience and the dedication of the TWD’s Audio Video Solutions, for last 20 years, TWD has designed upgraded and maintained hundreds of multimedia enhancement centers across the United States of America and hope that it will continue them. They provide all ranges of meeting experiences from simple to complex.

TWD’s Audio Video Solutions worked with the senior members and the leaders of the U.S. Federal Government including the Department of Homeland Security Headquarters, Naval Sea System Command, National institutes of the Health, Department of the Agriculture’s Center for Food Safety and Nutrition and many more numerous directorates and diverse customers. This shows us that the best working of the TWD Solutions.

The team members of the Audio Video Solutions are specialized and focused on their job to provide the best designed, installed and maintained multimedia enhanced rooms for the meeting to move properly and easily. They also carry the certificate of the InfoComm Certified Technology Specialist.

In 2009, TWD & Associates, Inc., Got the letter of appreciation from the Program Executive Officer, Department of the Navy. By this positive response from the Government, TWD Audio Video Solutions started to upgrade more designs. Offering a platform to the business or a meeting, meeting rooms are important; Audio Video Solutions are ready to fulfill that.

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