The Advantages of Office Automation System


The process of office entails applying modern technology and machines to improve the overall performance of the organization and information management. In the small businesses, office automation may not be necessary because they are able to perform their office operations using their laptops and desktops. Once the business expands and grows, the number and scales of tasks required in running the business increase experientially.


The application of office automation is popular and has increased exponentially. One of the devices that play a significant role in office automation is the electric actuators, as this paper will explain. Some of the advantages of office automation include;

Improving communication within and between enterprises

Office automation is important because the system helps to facilitate the exchange of information in an organization. This is done through teleconferencing that enables easy communication from different branches and departments without traveling across states for long distances to hold meetings.

Automation systems as if video conferencing helps to improve the way organizations exchanges information and in turn, this helps to reduce costs incurred through the meeting. Besides being cost effective, video conferencing is time saving. This in turn helps improve organizational performance because staff members have ample time to focus on other important activities within the company.

Ease the preparation and sending of messages

Automating the office plays a fundamental role in reducing the time between preparation and reception of a message. This is made possible because, the person sending the message can compose and send the message to the recipient instantly.

Examples of office automation platforms include emails that allow sending information to a large number of recipients in different regions across the globe. The communication system used in emails in this case helps t improve the flow of information within the firm.

Help reduce the cost of operations and increase the volume of office work

Another importance of automating the office is that it helps to reduce everyday involvement in clerical tasks like organizing customer data and creating reports.

The spreadsheets act as the automation platform that helps store bulky consumer data, which helps reduce a lot of paperwork because the information is entered, compiled and stored once for future referencing. In addition, the use of spreadsheets helps increase the volume of work and keep the office orderly.

Additionally, automation enables a limited number of employees to perform many tasks or duties at a time. For instance, one worker can use one machine to select, pack and label goods for shipping or transportation. In this case, the cost of operations is reduced because the company will spend less money in recruiting more labor for different tasks.

Linear actuator in office automation

A linear actuator can move a load that can be components, assembly or a finished item in a straight line. The device converts energy into a force or a motion when it is powered by pressurized air or fluid, or electricity. In the office setting, the linear actuators are usually fixed in the office desks to aid in the easy movement of the desk and facilitate flexibility. Individuals using desks that are powered by the electric actuators can adjust their desks more quickly and smoothly and this enables them to perform many tasks within the office.

Consequently, the working environment within the office is improved because the individuals are able to adjust the desk to a level that is comfortable and suitable for them.

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