Liberty VPS Review – All You Need to Learn About It


Finding a right VPS provider is always a difficult task. Each provider lacks something or the other. However, if you are looking for a complete package of solutions by a VPS provider, Liberty VPS might be the one to look out for. They have tried to integrate the features that are needed the most by consumers.


A few things are often taken for granted by other VPS providers such as the availability of a good customer service or lack of payment methods. Startups and small businesses have found the pricing plans of Liberty VPS quite attractive and they believe that for the features it comes with, the price is quite appropriate. Let’s see if Liberty VPS lives up to the expectations and have the features that it promises.

Best Features of Liberty VPS

There are hordes of useful features that Liberty VPS provides for its hosting solutions. People are always looking for worthy features before purchasing a VPS and these features might help you in knowing whether going ahead with Liberty VPS is a good decision or not. Let’s see the features it provides:

  • LibertyVPS never oversells its servers just to accommodate more sites in a particular server. Every single VPS is dedicated because of a technology called KVM virtualization.
  • You have full control over every element of your VPS. This too is made possible by KVM virtualization.
  • LibertyVPS is one of the very few hosting providers which let you host your site on an offshore location. It can be really helpful if you are setting up a peer to peer networking site.
  • The hosting provider makes use of the best networking equipments along with state of the art security and safety of all the servers.
  • To let you manage your VPS, the site provides you with a SolusVM control panel which is highly efficient in carrying out regular as well as unusual tasks for your VPS.
  • Setting up a VPS through Liberty VPS is a piece of cake and can be done instantly even by someone new to the field. They have ensured that getting started is as easy as one can imagine.
  • All the data or information that you store in your Liberty VPS servers is completely private and safe. They have a strong privacy policy and they adhere to it strictly.
  • The VPS provided by the company comes with a speed of 1 Gigabit. This is a lot of speed and it ensures high bandwidth, provides better download and upload speeds among many other benefits.

Pricing & Plans

Since Liberty VPS provides offshore hosting too, there are two different types of servers, Windows and Linux. The pricing for both of them differs because the specifications for both the operating systems are different as well.

  • The lowest plan for the Linux hosting starts from a mere $19.99 per month and goes all the way up to $79.99 per month.
  • The recommended plan by Liberty VPS costs around $59.99 per month and comes with great technical specifications.
  • Since Windows is a more sophisticated operating system, its pricing plans start from $24.99 and range up to $99.99.

Although it may seem a bit expensive, the specifications as well as the features make each plan worth the money.

The Last Words

With so many features and an affordable pricing, there is no reason why you wouldn’t choose Liberty VPS over other options. These features are certainly worth investing your money on and you will definitely get greater returns in terms of an exceptional service and a helpful customer service for your VPS.

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