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Hosted Email Exchange

For a businessman, be it of a large firm or a small one, email services are very important. Many times more than half of the work is done via exchanging emails. Business these days depend heavily on technology; no wonder everyone is brushing up their technological skills.

Hosted Email Exchange

A lot of companies out there are trying to cash in on this growing phenomenon. They make it easier for people to access their emails or manage their appointments or schedules.

These sites are like a breath of fresh air for all workaholics and businessmen. One such site which stands out from the rest for its performance and delivery is “”.

This site offers hosted email exchange at an outstanding price which includes tech support. Now what exactly is hosted email exchange? Yeah, we’ll let you in on that!

Hosted exchange is a service available in the telecommunications industry wherein a provider creates a Microsoft email box and space available on the server. The clients can host their data on the server and have access to their emails, contacts and calendar from anywhere.

The host manages the data of its clients. Via push technology, the emails are routed to the laptops or mobile phones. Now this website i.e. offers corporate class email at small business prices, which is quite affordable.

In addition, their users get a free download copy of Microsoft Outlook 2010 or Microsoft Outlook for Mac 2011 when they sign up for this service. Using Outlook you can access your emails, calendar, meetings, schedules, etc., anytime and anywhere. It is also convenient to share with your colleagues.

To safeguard your email, they provide free email anti-virus and spam protection. There is hosted exchange service for individual users as well as for groups. For individual users, this site currently charges $6.99 per month. For the group, they charge $29.99 per month. You can directly avail their services for 12, 24, or 36 months as well. All plans and packages on this site run on the Microsoft server. They do not charge for the set up. The connection is fast and reliable and they have free exchange server updates.

Even though the hosted email exchange facility was started just a few years back in 2010, it has become quite a hit among its users. The plus point in starting your own email domain is that once you subscribe to the service, you get a full functioning Microsoft Outlook software package for your laptop or desktop computer to connect with your email.


Managing all your business work was never this easy. Multitasking is the norm of the day and hosted email exchange does exactly that. You wouldn’t have to worry about anything. Just feed the data in and everything will be taken care of. Once someone subscribes for this service, they are also able to get free IT support at the phone number provided.

The only drawback to this service is it takes a little time to set up the hosted email exchange service. However, compared to runner your own server it is really nothing and Tech support is only one call away. Call those guys up at and they will help and assist you every step of the way if needed so it couldn’t be easier.

Hosted email exchange is a facility which has just taken off. Initially, it took some time for them to convince the workaholics and the business class about the brilliant features of this service. But once they started, there was no looking back for this service. Email hosting in the cloud is a new concept, but it is catching up with the business class and everyone seems to love it.

The wonders of Internet! We can only imagine. Reap the benefits and make work and assignments less stressful. Blackberry service and SharePoint are also available allowing you to manger all of your information and tasks with ease.

Check out the “” website for further details and get started with this service to manage your email with ease. We definitely recommend this Hosted email exchange service to every single one of you.

(Hosted email exchange is just one of the many cloud services offered at To assist you in finding the hosted email exchange service these directions may be helpful. Navigate to the site. Once on the site, hover your mouse over the “Email Accounts” menu and then select “Hosted Exchange Email” from the resulting drop down menu. If you need the group plan click on it to make the “add to cart button” appear and then type in the number of email accounts you need in the resulting box.)

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