Never Miss a Shot with Body Worn Cameras

The high tech age makes it easy to record just about anything. These days, hidden surveillance is taken to a whole new level thanks to advancements in digital technology for recording audio and video.


Body worn surveillance cameras now offer convenient secret recording capabilities that have been traditionally used in military and law enforcement applications. Secret surveillance can be used by the average person to record voices and videos of something important. Some people may even feel like secret spies when having hidden body worn surveillance devices.

Spy camera glasses is an example of a very popular type of hidden surveillance gadget. The most important feature of any secret recording device is to maintain a stealthy appearance. Therefore, secret recorders are disguised as everyday items such as eye glasses, buttons, pens, wrist watches, hats, key chains, ties, flashlights and much more.

High definition recording capabilities are easily integrated into small body worn surveillance cameras. Additionally, small microphones are very sensitive and can capture sounds from dozens of feet away. Most secret recording devices have internal memory that stores a significant amount of video and audio data.

The devices are compatible with USB interfaces for convenient transfer of data to computers and other functional devices such as tablets. Hidden body worn recording devices are usually powered by batteries and they can record hours of high quality video nonstop.

The secret settings include vibration alerts for low battery or high memory usage during real time recording sessions that are done completely secretly.

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