Soundboost Universal Tablet Cradle and Desk Stand – Review

Considering the advancement and technology used, tablets seem to be really amazing, still there comes a time when long use simply tires your hands and body. The need to hold it in your hands all the time might frustrate some people. And what could be more frustrating than to watch a full length movie on your tablet while you have to hold it all throughout the movie.


As holding it in your hands for 2 hours straight is off the table, some may verge on to a couple of innovative ideas; such as resting it against a wall or an object. While this definitely solves the problem, but it surely isn’t going to work all the time!

What designers did was build best iPad case so that it could be used in a slightly upright position for ease of view and freedom of hands. And as one problem came to a close, another came up!

Soundboost Universal Tablet Cradle and Desk Stand

No matter how expensive a tablet gets, its sound system can never match to that of a desktop PC. On accounts of these problems, Soundboost designers have produced a wonderful and creative device called the Soundboost Universal Tablet Cradle and Desk Stand.

As its name suggests, the Soundboost Universal Tablet Cradle and desk stand is an absolutely brilliant and well thought device of comfort. Taking care of two very critical problems at the same time, this product is soon to expect a very positive review from its buyers.

Soundboost Universal Tablet Cradle and Desk Stand 2

Support panels are designed so as to secure any model of Tablet, and hence known as a Universal Tablet Cradle. Moreover, the construction is equally brilliant as users can get both great sound quality as well as stable platform to place their tablet on.

Soundboost Universal Tablet Cradle and Desk Stand is a prefect device to support virtually any kind of tablet on a desk, or any plain surface for that matter. Very strong and grippy rubber base pads are provided to enhance the stability of the device and allow it to hold onto the surface even at some inclination.

This particular accessory is wireless and connects with the users tablet automatically. With the help of Induction technology, the device amplifies and improves the sound quality. Now that you can listen to your music louder, you can also expect it to be even clearer!

The triangular design with a built in speaker system further enhances the audio level and reach. Additionally, the design facilitates in comfortable positioning and viewing by providing a natural 450 angle of vision.

Soundboost Universal Tablet Cradle and Desk Stand 1

The purpose of Soundboost Cradle and Desk stand is endless. It is an ideal device to watch a movie, listen to music and more. Well these are just a few things that can be done in a non-professional capacity. When it comes to business, Soundboost cradle is the perfect device to bring along to a presentation, online communication call and even for video chatting. Sounds are loud and clear and provide an appropriate angle for optimum viewing.

Besides having a rubberized bottom gripping pad to make it hold on to the desk firmly, Soundboost Cradle has an interior groove that ensures the tablet or smartphone doesn’t fall off the device on an inclined surface.

Although made of highly durable material, SoundBoost Universal Tablet Cradle and Desk Stand is very sleek and light, hence making it very easy to carry around. Also its fine quality ensures a long lasting life with an equally impressive sound aspect.

Dimensions of the Soundboost Cradle are 240mm x 90mm x 83mm and it comes in the shades of white. This Universal Tablet Cradle is compatible to a wide range of smartphones and tablets of many companies.

On a side note, Soundboost Universal Tablet Cradle and Desk Stand is highly recommended for Samsung and Apple users. Soundboost Universal Tablet Cradle and Desk Stand is available at for only $56.99 only.

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