Why I Chose Rev Voice Recorder Over All the Other Apps

As a student and full-time business person, I’m constantly using voice recordings to make to-do lists, make notes to myself or even record lectures. Thanks to my iPhone, I can do all of this with an app.


I’ve used a few different voice recorder apps in the past, but I was never really impressed with the usability of them and was always looking for the next best thing. A friend of mine recommended the Rev Voice Recorder app. Because I was in need of something that actually worked, I decided to try it out. Plus, it was free, so why not?

Rev is easy to use.

When I first gave the app a try, I was thoroughly impressed. I use the voice recorder for work and for school, so it’s something that gets a lot of use. This app was able to record everything I threw at it with ease. It didn’t matter if I was recording my own personal notes or my professor’s lecture, everything recorded perfectly, and I was able to hear everything back clearly when I played the recordings.

Plus, I was able to stop and start recordings with ease, and I never had any trouble with the app freezing or taking too long to start or stop recording.

Rev makes organizing easy.

What also really impressed me right away was the ability to organize and share my files. I was able to name the recordings however I wanted, which made it easier for me to find what I needed at a later date. Plus, it kept a log of where the recording took place, which also helped to organize my files accordingly.

Rev allows me to share with ease.

The Rev app also allows me to share my files with other people through Dropbox or email. This is extremely beneficial. If I record a lecture or notes that someone else could use, I can simply share them. This has come in handy plenty of times when a friend or classmate has needed to see my notes from a class they missed. Plus, by adding my recordings to Dropbox, I know that I can access my files from anywhere, which is great with my busy schedule.

Rev has an extra perk.

Other voice recording apps I’ve used in the past only allowed me to record and play back my recordings, but Rev offers so much more. With Rev, I also have the option of having my recordings transcribed by a professional transcription service.

With the push of one button, my recordings can be sent off and professionally transcribed for me. I can have an accurate transcription of my notes or lectures whenever I need them, and I can receive the transcripts back within 48 hours.

This has come in handy when I don’t have the time to sit in front of a computer and type out my papers. Instead, I record what I want to say and send it off for someone else to do the typing. It only costs $1 per audio minute, so it’s worth it.

Overall, I’m beyond pleased with the Rev Voice Recorder app. It’s something I will use regularly forever.

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