How to Disable Right click in Blogger / Blogspot ?

Have you noticed, that some web sites do not allow their visitors using right mouse click while pointer is on the blog area. This option is useful for the site and blog owners, who want to minimize the possibilities of the content direct copying to other posts.

Right click on any internet browser is very important element and we must use it when it comes to copy or editing texts and etc. It’s very important when it comes to webmasters too. but some people may use it in a bad way, and you may want to make click right disabled on your blog. to protect you text, images links and etc.

To setup this tool in your blog Copy the Following code and paste it to your blog by adding a new page element.

Step 1 : Go to Dashboard > Layout > Add Gadget > HTML / JavaScript
Step 2 : Copy the code from this file and paste it in that blogger widget.
Step 3 : Save the html/javascript and view you blog.

When you will try to do right click, a message will tell you that “Function disabled”, and if you want to change this words” Function Disabled” Then simply find it in code and replace it.

Above method will disable the right click on your blogger blog.

“Should I use Blogger or WordPress for my new website?”, is a frequently asked question from new bloggers. If you are still using blogger for your blog then I will always recommend you to switch to the WordPress.

WordPress gives you freedom to do anything you’d like with your site as there are thousands of plugins. So if you are tired of using blogspot and want to start something serious? MonetizePros has a great resource on how to create a blog that I recommend looking at. WordPress blogs are more flexible than blogspot and this kind of changes will be even easier!

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