Use Pertino for End- to- End Network Data Protection

Pertino is a famous network software company based in California, US. Basically, it provides cloud networking facility to everyone across the globe. Cloud networks are useful for storing large amounts of data so as to have ample of free space on your PCs as well as laptops.


Not only this, you will also be able to send this data to other users right from your cloud network. This is also a great way of ensuring that your information stays secure throughout its journey from your system to the receiver’s system, hence providing End-to-end network data protection.

Working on a Pertino cloud

While using Pertino, you can instantly create your own cloud within a few minutes and add other devices as well as people with whom you want to share information in the future. One of the best features of this cloud network is that you only need an internet connection when you want to send or receive data.

Once this transfer of information is over, you can turn off your internet connection and simply get back to whatever you were doing before. Apart from this, the Pertino app can be easily downloaded as well as installed on all your devices, and make way for your colleagues and friends to connect with your own personal cloud network. There are various features of this cloud networking app that makes it usage more convenient and worth trying.

1. Convenient connection

The Pertino app provides a modern approach of connection and data sharing. Everyone desires a simple as well as a straight way of accessing information no matter where they are and this app is perfect from that perspective. Using Pertino, an individual can access files behind the system’s firewall through a personal cloud of their own.

It offers LAN connectivity almost anywhere and everywhere. You can also access the files and documents on your mobile phones and your data stays secure because of end- to- end encryption provided by it. There is no need for any additional hardware or any configuration.

2. More security

No matter from where you are accessing cloud and its information, everything will remain secure at all times. The security level doesn’t depend on the type of device you are using. The multiple layers of security also ensure that no attacker will get into your cloud.

A personal address space, combined with end- to- end network data protection is always at your service. You can extend this security feature with the help of additional apps.

3. Optimized performance

Top tier data centers from across the globe are used for providing users with the right environment to ensure better performance and productivity. The high-speed internet acts as the backbone of this cloud network and helps in fast transfer of data from one cloud to another.

When you use the Pertino cloud network, it searches for your nearest data center in order to ensure that there is a perfect balance between performance and uptime of your cloud network.

Once a slow connection is detected, your cloud will immediately get transferred to another suitable and nearest data center so as to prevent your networking from getting tampered. There is also scope for disaster recovery.

4. Better management

Pertino allows you to manage and organize stuff on the basis of their priority and depending on how frequently any particular data is being used by you. You will have complete control over your cloud network and you can add devices & new connections whenever you want.

If you want to optimize the performance of your network, you can do so by extending functionality using the App Scale built in app store.

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