Beat the Heat with Executive Desk USB Fan

Do you know anything about Executive Desk USB Fan? The one with retro chic looks and consumes really low power. It is similar to a prescription by a doctor in summers so as to beat the heat but it is really helpful so as for air circulation.

To get power it does not require anything else rather than just a free USB port. It is really a useful device as you can pack it over with your laptop for any excursion as well as it is really convenient and takes limited space on your desk as well.


Executive Desk USB Fan has got pretty much nice power consumption at low power and is equipped with rubberized base of the fan so as to not get disturbed by the vibrations or the noise.

This fan is really convenient in summers as well as looks classic. This fan is really easy to use as well as is portable. Executive Desk USB fan is being the most powerful and quiet USB Fan. It features flexible neck along with a long convenient USB cable. Some of these USB desk fans are also available with batteries and can work without the use of USB cable.


Super cool and mini stand fan

Executive desk USB Fan is really small in size as well as provides really powerful cooling. A user should always keep in mind that power and energy comes in really small packages. So, here is the USB Desk fan.

Executive Desk USB Fan

Small size, quiet with high power

Though it consumes lower power via free USB port of your Laptop or Mac, so I think you must have this Desk USB Fan in your Desktop & Macbook Accessories. It completely circulates the hot air around so as to beat the heat. It does not make any noises while working because its fan has got a rubberized base.

Rotatable Design

Executive Desk USB Fan rotates along its horizontal axis and even you can rotate its position as per you are comfortable with it. It has got a sleek design which is further manufactured by using durable plastic material.

Convenient and durable

With its small size it is really light in weight. One can move it around his/her desk without any issues and even there is no need to carry an adapter so as to use it. It has got easy setup, we have created a video for you on how to connect it to the laptop.


  • This desk USB fan works really quietly and is really fast as well.
  • This fan has got adjustable position of 360 degree as well as stand perfectly.
  • It has got USB power and there is no need to carry any extra adapter.
  • It features a power switch.

Executive Desk USB Fan Twin Pack has got a price tag of 25$ and is completely worth of this price. It is recommended to the executives as it plugs in to any desktop computers and further provides the users a powerful and safe breeze. It also features foldable arm used for storage and there is no need of any external power or batteries. It is equipped with comfortable handle for carrying and its motor quality is really reliable.

What are you thinking now? If you just want to beat the heat of your laptop or PC or Mac in summers, then don’t just wait and think now. We highly recommend the Executive Desk USB Fan to you all.

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