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Pebble smartwatch

When cartoon characters in childhood pressed a button on their wristwatch and communicated with their base, this seemed the stuff of dreams. There is just something about the sophistication of having a multi-use wristwatch just like a secret agent.

While the watches of today can’t exactly shoot lasers or produce a protective force field, there are some nifty little watches that contain some special features up their sleeves to enamour themselves to any true technology lover.

Pebble smartwatch

The upcoming Pebble smartwatch is definitely a timepiece that will have all eyes upon it when it starts to ship shortly. Using an e-paper display and sporting a fashionable smooth outer casing in a range of colours, the Pebble is far more than a watch; it is an astounding piece of kit that connects with smartphones in order to provide call notifications, SMS notifications and a whole host of other features…as well as telling the time of course!

The Pebble watch quickly became the most successful project on the Kickstarter site and rightly so, this is a gadget that a lot of people are clamouring for. It is rumoured that a number of the clever little devices will be available at some point in early 2013 and well worth a look.

Meanwhile Casio have also been putting their efforts into some wireless wrist wear that can be also connected to smartphones. Producing a stylish G-Shock style casing, the Casio Bluetooth compatible watch is already available in the US and reportedly it could be on its way to the UK soon. This cool little watch can not only give you alerts and notifications on emails, SMS messages and phone calls but it can also display the song that is currently playing on the device to which it is connected.


The Casio G-Shock Bluetooth watch also has an innovative little feature that will notify you quickly if you have misplaced your phone and it is out of range – what a watch! At the time of reporting the watch could only connect to Apple devices but it is expected to be available for Android devices soon. These devices can be a little pricey on first release so it may be time for a gadget clear out and sell Nokia e72 phones and other devices in order to make way for a compatible phone and the watch itself.

If these watches are a little too pricey or difficult to get hold of, there are always a range of mobile watches on the market that you can place your mobile SIM into to provide the full phone experience at a good price. Bluetooth compatible wristwatches are fast becoming the technology everyone wants to have so perhaps it is worth having a look.

You may feel a little self conscious talking into your watch at first but let’s face it; the sheer cool factor of a wristwatch connected to a phone is surely something that childhood dreams were made of?

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