7 Best Accessories for Your New Camera

Camera accessories

Photography is a special form of art that anyone can learn to excel at. Of course, to capture those stunning photographs, you need the right equipment. It starts with a top-notch digital camera that has all the options you need for the pictures you want to take.

Camera accessories

From there, you should build a collection of accessories that will protect your camera and enhance its functions. Consider buying the following accessories so you can get the most out of your new camera.


Even if your hands are as steady as a surgeon’s, you’ll still find myriad uses for a tripod. Besides steadying your photographs, a tripod will give you an easier way to study the shot you want to make. It will come in handy for both landscape shots and when you’re snapping pics of your family and friends. Plus, since you can’t use a selfie stick with a DSLR camera, the tripod might be your only way to insert yourself into your pictures.

If you have a smaller digital camera, you could also buy a mini tripod that you can set on top of a table or other surface. If you’re taking photos on the go, you won’t have to worry about toting around a bulky tripod.


After you’ve refined your photography skills, you’ll want a good selection of lenses so your shots reach their maximum potential.

Focal length is an important aspect of lenses. Since zoom lenses may not produce the same quality shots as lenses with fixed focal lengths, you’ll want several different fixed lenses. You’ll also want lenses with different maximum apertures — that is, capacities for the amount of light they can capture.


Filters can create a range of effects for your photographs, from tweaking colors to giving parts of a picture a dreamy blurred effect. Research different types of filters so you can choose the ones you’re most interested in. You can build your collection after you become familiar with the filters you think you’ll use most often.

Backup Power

There are few things worse than being in the middle of a photo shoot when your digital camera runs out of juice. Keep a backup battery handy. Having a charger with you as well will make sure that there is always enough power to get that award-winning moment stored away in your memory card.

Extra Memory Cards

The number of photos you take may quickly climb into the hundreds or thousands. To spare you from having to delete some of your photographs in a crunch in order to make more space, you should always have at least one or two extra memory cards on hand.

If you’re into different types of photography, you might even categorize your memory cards accordingly. For example, one could be for landscapes, one could be for people, and one could be for close-up shots of objects and food.

Cleaning Kit

If you’re in a dusty environment, or if you just accidentally touch your camera lens, you could end up with image-ruining gunk on your lens. Keep a special cleaning spray and microfiber cloth with you so your photos always come out crystal clear.

Camera Bag

A well-chosen camera bag is essential for keeping your camera protected and all your accessories organized. Find one with padded sides and lots of pockets that can accommodate your lenses, extra memory cards, lens cleaning equipment, filters, and everything else you need to capture stunning photographs.

A camera bag with a sturdy neck strap — or even a backpack style bag — will be easy to carry so you can take it with you when you’re hiking or taking long walks during your vacation. However, if you fly frequently and are afraid that your camera will get knocked around when you’re traveling, a hard case might be the better option for you.

As you learn the ins and outs of your new camera, you’ll quickly discover that your photography experience will be missing something unless you have the right accessories. The above items will complement your camera so you can get as much enjoyment as possible from the time you spend with your finger on the shutter as well as showing off your art.

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