Getting the Most from Your Nokia and Samsung Cell Phones

Although smart phones are the fastest and more resourceful mobile phones presently on the market, they do not outweigh the strength and durability of Nokia and Samsung phones. These cell phones are the sturdiest and most reliable in the industry. Smart phones have flooded the market and have stolen the popularity of Nokia and Samsung mobile accessories. Every home in the UK is quickly doing away with their Nokia phones for the faster and more luxurious smart phones.

However, this is not the end of the road for our hard-wearing mobile phones. Nokia and Samsung cell phones are excellent for mobile recycling. They are most appreciated in less fortunate third world countries. Almost 90 percent of the phone parts in a Nokia and Samsung phone are in full working condition even after 10 years. These are the sturdy phone parts used for making metal products and new electronics.

Clear the landfills

After careful excavation through landfills across the UK, more than 200 million cell phones were found discarded in landfills. This practice has serious implications for the environment since it makes our groundwater and air susceptible to contamination and can possibly contribute to lead poisoning among the population. Help to clear the landfills of Nokia and Samsung phones by recycling the phone parts.

Nokia and Samsung phones are made up of the finest metal and plastic materials. In addition special metals such as copper, silver and gold are critical elements of most cell phones. This is your opportunity to give back to the environment and collect some well-deserved cash. Nokia phones are one of the few reliable cell phones in the industry and manufacturers are always willing to purchase sturdy used phone parts and accessories to make new ones.

Simple as ABC

Getting your old Nokia or Samsung phone recycled is quick and easy. The best way to find a suitable mobile recycling company is to search Google. just search for recycle mobile phone and instantly you will find more than 100 search results highlighting links to the leading web based mobile recycling companies. Take it a step further by browsing no less than five of these websites to find out how much you can receive for your mobile parts. Nokia and Samsung are two of the leading brands of cell phones recycled. You are minutes away from collecting some serious dollars. There are more than 100 dealers ready to offer you competitive prices for your used cell phones.

Purchasing the latest smart phone is no excuse for casting aside your old Samsung phone. You would be shock to know the monetary value of these phone parts.  Get back half the money you paid for your smart phone by recycling the used phone parts. Moreover, if you are a thrifty person, save the money you earn from recycling your old mobile phone to purchase a second hand smart phone at a discounted price. Now this is an opportunity of a lifetime.  Clean those landfills, empty those drawers and start making mad money from mobile recycling.

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