How to Get the Most Money for Your Old Phone

sell your phone for cash

Many times, we wish to buy a new phone but due to shortage of funds we often dismiss the idea. In such a situation we tend to look for selling the old phone in order to get some money and thereafter buying a new phone.

sell your phone for cash

The old phone becomes obsolete due to updated technology and new phones with new features come up every year. It gets hard to spare funds to buy a new phone every year. Thus, selling the old phone comes as the most logical option.

There are many online websites that enables the user to sell their phones to prospective buyers in exchange of a reasonable amount. One such website is Below are some of the amazing features of this website.

Features of using

Fast Money

With the help of this website you can sell your phone within few seconds. When you plan to sell on it will be quick, fast and handy. You simply have to register your phone on the website. Mention the details of the phone such as IMEI number, model number, Operating system and other necessary details.

If you agree to sell your phone at the price quoted by the website you can simply pack your phone and post it on the company website’s address. The cash payout is done within 24 hours from the receipt of the package containing your phone.

Maximum Cash inflow

Though there are several websites that allow you to sell your phone for cash however, ensures maximum inflow of cash in a short span of time.

The makers and developers have conducted a thorough research of the pricing schemes that makes sure that the maximum price is paid to the customers on every sale of phone. Moreover, there are various deals available for a vast variety of phones.

Exceptional Customer service

A large number of people in UK and the rest of the world have been praising because of its exceptionally brilliant customer service. Whatever doubts or queries you have with regards to the sale of your phone will be warded off within minutes.

Moreover, In case you do not receive the full payment as promised by the company, you can claim your phone back. The phone will be returned back to you in the best of the condition in the shortest span of time.

Easy Navigation

The website has been designed in such a way that allows easy navigation. All the processes and stages are clearly mentioned on the homepage of the website making things easily accessible for the users.

User friendly

Both the website and its mobile application are designed in a user friendly manner. Thus, the customer will never face any problems with the usage.

Mode of payment

The website will give away same day payment. The entire payment will be done together. However, when you register your device you’ll have to choose the mode of payment. The method you select can be either via Bank Transfers or PayPal account.

Some important queries and their answers

What impact does age of phone has on the value received?

The age is definitely an important factor when you choose to sell off the phone. If the phone that you’re planning to sell is still under the warranty period you’re bound to receive a greater value for your phone. However if the warranty period of the phone has ceased the phone will bag you a lower value.

Can broken phones be resold?

Yes, even broken phones can be resold and recycled. The broken phones too have some useful parts that are valuable. Though the value received for the phone might be little less but you can still sell your broken phone.

What if the payment is not received in full?

In case you do not receive the payment in full or in case you do not receive the payment at all you can complaint to the executives and claim your phone back.

Final Words is one of the best online platforms to sell your old phones. So, next time you plan to sell your phone you know which website to choose in order to get the maximum value of your phone.    

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