Top 10 DVD Ripper Software for Windows and Mac

When it comes to DVD ripping software, there are is a lot of choice out there, however, like always there is the good the bad and the really terrible.

There are some software which are the established giants of the industry, and then there are enthusiasts who are always looking for those that are secretly better than the well established brands, and finally there are those software makers that pretend to be the undiscovered greats that are yet to be discovered and try to sucker people in. it takes all kinds and that is what the internet is all about.

Here we have a list of the top ten software’s that we think will cut it as the real best that there is out there. This is determined by the ease of use, functionality, cost (if any) and availability of the software also. Not to mention that now all software’s need to be cross platform, what with all the hand held devices and more being launched.

BlazeVideo DVD Ripper

One of the best ones out there currently, this software understands the mixed needs of the user; it offers users with flexibility regardless of the hand held devices that they have. It works well at converting your videos and audio files to MP4 and 3GP which can be viewed on a variety of hand held devices.


You’ll find more information related to get discount coupons for this great DVD ripper and converter at BlazeVideo DVD Ripper discount.


One of the leaders out there that exists, not only is it popular it sure seems to be able to rip DVD and replay them back; it’s really very simple actually. All you need to do is record the video while it plays and that’s it, you got it saved in WMV format at the location of your choice.

VLC DVD Ripper

And other options that make it better is that it plays downloaded you tube files which are in flv format, and that is what adds to its popularity.

Media Coder

Another one of those great DVD ripper software’s, and this is something that enables users to compress the files that they are converting, which is then compatible with a very long list of other players, some of which are AVI and WMA and many more.

Mac DVD Ripper Pro

This is another one of those great software’s which allows you to transfer you’re your DVDs onto your Mac and convert all your DVDs into manageable formats and also allows you transfer them onto your hand held devices.

Any Video Converter

The any video converter allows the user to covert almost any video to MP4 format, this is one of those converters which is really handy and allows you to change the format of any movie or video and audio for use on hand held devices, something which is gaining popularity now.


Handbreak used to convert videos and audio to MKV format and MP4 format, from your windows computer. This is something that enables the users to transfer the videos and audio files to their I-phones, iPods, Apple TVs, PSPs and PS3s. understandable why this one is so popular.

Make MKV

Allows the user to convert files again for all types of Apple devices and this is one of those things that every apple product owner wants. Again, this is a very popular software which sure does solve a lot of problems for users who have windows computes and Apple hand held devices.

DVD Shrink

As the name suggests is designed to allow the user to make copies of all the software that they have and save it on their systems and compress them. One of the advantages that this offers is that it allows you to burn it with any DVD burning software of your choice.

Hey Watch

Hey Watch_opt

This is one more of those great software’s out there that helps users to convert videos stored on their computers into a variety of other formats such as MP4, 3GP, Ipod, PSP, and the list goes on. Very handy for those that are looking to convert their video formats into something else.

Video Downloader

This is online software which enables you to download videos from a variety of video sites without going through the hassle of downloading any software onto your computer. Something that enables users to access videos of their choice and download them right onto your desktop from video streaming sites.

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