3 Easy Steps to Recover Hard Drive Data Using Hetman 2.1


Somehow lost or deleted an important partitions from hard drive? Don’t panic and immediately stop using the problem drive to ensure that deleted stuff won’t get overwritten or damaged. Try Hetman Partition recovery software that helps you safely bring back the required files from such data loss instances without investing too much time and efforts.


Unavoidable situations like hardware failure, human errors, virus infection etc. are the contributing factors that significantly result in extreme data loss case. If you are lucky and the situations aren’t gone beyond control, there are good chances that it can be recovered using recommended recovery tool like Hetman Partition Recovery software.

There are nothing much to do to get your data recovered. Additionally, recovery steps are pretty straightforward through which, even a basic user can perform recovery like pros.

Download a tiny setup program from manufacturer website and install it on your PC just like any other standard program. Once installed, Hetman software icon will be created on the Desktop on which, you’ll need to click twice to get started.

Make sure that you’ve everything ready to get started like problem internal or external hard drive, software installed, and connection is established (drive is detectable under software interface). Once done, follow the steps mentioned below:

Choose Drive

Wizard based interface will pop up on the screen as soon as you start the software. Instructions given on the screen clearly indicates that software can be used to recover data from corrupt, damaged, deleted or formatted drives etc. Additionally, software will scan the drive for required information and restore logical structure of the drive, if it is logically damaged or corrupt. Simply click ‘Next’ to proceed.


‘Choose Disk’ window is what you see on the next screen. You’ve to choose the volume to prepare directory structure and start recovering your files. In case you are looking for missing or lost partitions, click on ‘Find Partitions’ button located at the bottom of the screen. Again, click ‘Next’ to proceed.


Select ‘Type of Analysis’

Every recovery software comes inbuilt with powerful recovery options that helps you deeply scan the problem media and recover data from every sections of the problem drive. Same phenomena follows with Hetman software that incorporates severely useful recovery techniques i.e. Fast Scan and Full Analysis.


Use Fast scan option if you are just looking for recently deleted files. Scanning and recovery is faster and you’ll able to get all your deleted files back. However, Full analysis takes relatively longer time than expected but useful if the partition structure is damaged. It’ll help you restore the damaged logical structure of problem media and helps restore data from various file systems including FAT, NTFS, NTFS5 etc.

Scanning and recovery

Once the scanning process is initiated, you’ll be able to see remaining time and the number of files (folders) software has scanned so far. Depending on the capacity of the drive, software will take reasonable amount of time and lets you go through the set of recoverable files and folders.


You’ll be able to clearly see all the lost or deleted files including images, audio, video, documents, emails etc. These files are ready for immediate saving to your desired destination such as FTP, external drive, USB, Flash drive, CD DVD etc. You’ll also be able to compress the recovered files further to save the disk space.

Final Thoughts

All in all, software has many useful and recommended recovery features you’ll be thankful for. Software is available for free to download and test. To enjoy full features, you’ll need to purchase the premium license key which costs you reasonable amount. There are number of tools already available for the same which may not perform well or exactly as advertised. Good luck!!

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