Remove passwords from PDF documents with Aimersoft Password Remover Tool

The technological world around us changes with each blink of an eye. Lately there have been lots and lots of new utilities being brought up. The new age apps as well as tools have certainly made life easier for everyone out there. The human race has nothing much to worry about these days.

Almost every need of an individual is fulfilled by these utility tools as well as apps available today. Among all these tools, one very useful tool is the Aimersoft Pdf Password Remover tool.

Aimersoft Pdf Password Remover Tool

The name of this tool is enough for guessing its purpose. This tool from Aimersoft helps you in removing passwords from all the encrypted Pdf files. Due to the rise in hacking activities taking place around us, people have become more cautious regarding the exchange of information.


Aimersoft is a very easy to use tool that makes it easier for the Mac operating system users to easily remove passwords as well as encryptions from all Pdf files. Not only can this, using this tool you also remove all kinds of restrictions that are usually put on a Pdf file. Some of the common utilities of this tool are:

  • Removal of all kinds of restrictions, such as printing as well as copying of Pdf files.
  • Also capable of removing authorised restrictions from files.
  • Even the passwords of encrypted Pdf files can be easily removed.
  • Not only one, rather you can decrypt (remove passwords) from multiple Pdf files simultaneously. More than 100 decryptions can take place at a single time.


Looking at the perks of using the Aimersoft Pdf Password Remover tool, we can conclude that it is very easy to use as well as the process of decryption is very fast and easy. Hence it makes decryption of Pdf files an easy task for technical as well as non- technical individuals.

Why choose Aimersoft Pdf Password Remover tool?

Easy to use as well as fast in action, this tool is all that you need in order to easily decrypt all the Pdf files on your system. All you need to do is perform a single click and the Permission passwords in that particular Pdf file will be removed.

Apart from this, you will also be able to perform many different file operations, such as edit, copy, paste as well as print the entire file. Superficially fast operations make it easier for you to decrypt up to 100 files, all at the same time.

You can now easily remove all the restrictions that are usually imposed on a Pdf file. For instance, copying some text from a Pdf report or printing a Pdf file with print restrictions, etc. is now possible with the help of the Pdf Password Remover tool.

All sorts of restrictions on a Pdf file can easily be removed. You will be amazed to see that it takes just a few minutes to break into the authorized encryption password of every Pdf file.

Advantages of using the Aimersoft Pdf Password Remover tool:

This tool is very easy to use and works really fast as well. With a single click on the “Convert button”, you can now decrypt every Pdf file. There is no expertise required for this purpose as well.

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