Blogger Beware : Your Grammar Could be Killing You

Since starting a blog is pretty easy and, depending on your platform, free, many people have jumped on the blogging bandwagon. There are blogs about everything. Some bloggers use their blog as a way to vent, some use it to share information with family and friends, and others are in it to offer themselves as an expert and give their readers a hub of information.

The latter of these bloggers are usually those who want to gain a bigger following and possibly even make money off of their blog.

Since some of these bloggers are inexperienced, and since the majority of them didn’t graduate with a writing degree, some of these blogs incorporate a lot of grammatical errors and misspellings. If they’re not blogging to try and gain a generous following, grammar and spelling may not be important. But if they’re blogging to increase readerships and possibly earn money, grammar and spelling are extremely important to achieving these goals.

Good grammar increases your credibility

When people land on your blog, they will read a post or two and may even read a little about who you are. Having easy to read and easy to understand posts that are error free will elevate your credibility. When your posts don’t contain grammar or spelling mistakes, it shows that you take the time to create great work and you also take the time to proofread your posts before publishing.

This type of commitment makes you come off as more professional. If readers see you as a professional, they will value your opinion and trust that you are giving them accurate information that they can use.

If your blog is chock full of errors, it gives off the presumption that you don’t take pride in your work. If you can’t publish a blog without checking for errors, readers won’t think too highly of what you have to say and will turn elsewhere when they’re in need of information.

Good grammar can impact your search engine ranking

Most of the websites that have high page ranks on the search engines tend to have perfect grammar and spelling. When words are spelled correctly and when the grammar is correct, search engine spiders have an easier time crawling through your website and recognizing essential keywords that will help the ranking of your page. If your copy is hard to read and contains a great deal of misspellings, search engines will not be able to rank you appropriately.

Good grammar is easier to read

When you use correct grammar, your readers will be able to understand the points you are trying to make. Using good grammar makes your blog easier to read, which helps your readers’ comprehension of your topic.

If you are always using poor grammar, your readers will have to work hard to decipher what it is you’re trying to say. If it takes them too long to get through the first few sentences, they won’t stay long enough to read the whole post, and they certainly won’t come back to read more. If your grammar is bad, you will lose readers.

Don’t think that blogging means you don’t have to use a spelling or grammar checker. Blogs may not need to utilize the most formal of writing, but it does need to be easy to understand, and if your blog is full of grammar and spelling mistakes, you will lose credibility, search engine rankings and readers.

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