How to Increase PageRank and Search Engine Rankings

Google pagerank

The Incoming links or inbound links are an extremely valuable on your placement. They help to increase your PageRank (PR) and also get you a better ranking on search engines like Google. Here’s what Google says about this topic:

Google pagerank

Now that you know directly from the source that a high PageRank significantly pushes your chances of being placed above the question that naturally arises is: how do you make this happen? Well, when you start getting backlinks that point to a page of your website and many others are from external websites that have a PageRank higher PageRank is a part of this allocated time on your site.

This usually occurs as soon as Google updates its index thanks to continuous improvements that engineers are working to make it all the time. After this update, your site can continue to have the same PageRank, may have increased or decreased.

What does this mean for you and for your position? PageRank was invented so that Google could categorize Web sites in its index in terms of importance. So with a high PageRank sites usually have new pages indexed that are inserted in them and place much more quickly because these pages are seen as coming from a trusted source and this is great news if you have new content to be included in your website, perhaps a new product or service.

If your website has a PageRank higher then the spider (the software that uses the search engine to search the Web looking for new sites and information and catalogs) Google will find new pages very quickly, in some cases even minutes or possibly within a few hours after it has been added to your site. Depend on just how important your site is found to be in the eyes of Google.

What can be done to make sure that Google gives more importance to your website and increase your PageRank? It ‘easy to say! All this is feasible by increasing the number of high quality links that your site receives from a diverse range of sources (other websites). At the same PageRank, so it does not count the number of links you receive from a single source, but what counts is the number of links comes from many sources.

For example, 10 links from one website in the eyes of Google are worth much less than 10 links from many sites (ie one per site) and do not worry if your site has a PageRank below. It is important that you continue with your campaign creation of links.


If you continue to work on the growth of a decent number of backlinks without stopping possibility that there are pages where you can find your backlinks should increase their PageRank and authority, and consequently this will lead to an increase the PageRank of the site to which link the links that are found in these very pages, that is your site.

My advice is to continue to write and INIVE your content and articles to as many sites as possible. Send quality content to directories it gives you a great chance of being clicked by more and more visitors. Most sites will have your material in its pages will increase your PageRank and more.

You probably have heard of Link Popularity. And ‘the true principle on which that is more focused on PageRank and Link Popularity’ll have a good plus you get a good reputation in the eyes of search engine and you will need to get this so links pointing to pages on your site. If you do not know where to start you can always refer to a expert who knows how to increase the PageRank of your site.

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