Five Common Mistakes Mom Bloggers Make

Mom bloggers are the latest Internet sensation to hit the blogosphere. These women have a lot of great ideas to share with one another, and since other moms are interested in learning a few tips and tricks, they quickly gain a dedicated following.

While most mom bloggers are successful at their endeavors, they are not perfect. They may generate interest in their posts and they may cultivate a great group of followers, but there are five common mistakes that mom bloggers make.

1. Their blog posts are not consistent

An essential element to having a successful blog is to make sure that you post consistently. Whether it’s one day a week or seven days a week, having a consistent schedule is better for your readers and your blog. With consistent posts, your readers will start to learn your posting schedule. If you post every Monday, your readers will know to tune in every Monday to see new content. If you post erratically, you readers will never know when to check your site for new information. If your site goes long enough without any new content, your readers will stop coming back to check.

Posting consistently is also good for your blog and your search engine optimization. Search engines start to learn your posting pattern, too. If you post new content every week, search engines will revisit your site every week in search of new keywords to use when ranking your site. If you don’t post consistently, search engines won’t visit your site often, and your keyword rich posts can be lost in the world wide web.

2. Ignoring comments or emails

Mom bloggers are busy running their family and their household as well as blogging and possibly even holding down a part time job. They’re busy, and sometimes they have to make sacrifices in order to fit it all in. One of the biggest mistakes that mom bloggers make is ignoring their followers.

If a reader leaves a comment, it’s important that you acknowledge the comment. If you don’t, it could irritate your reader and they can move on. You also need to acknowledge emails. If your fans send you an email, try your best to respond. It will only improve your engagement with your readers.

3. Mom Bloggers try to make everyone happy

It is completely impossible to please everyone, so stop trying to accomplish it. You’re going to have opinions on topics that everyone doesn’t agree with. Saying what you believe isn’t going to make your readers shy away from your posts. In fact, it may make them respect your honesty and tune in more often.

As a mom bloggers, many people are going to reach out to you and try and convince you to advocate for their cause or post their guest blog or do something, and you’re not going to be able to. Instead of stressing yourself out over it, accept the fact that you can’t please everyone and move on.

4. They try to do too much

Remember when your blog was fun? And now it seems like it’s simply too much to handle. The reason is that you’re probably taking on too many responsibilities. Just like you can’t please everyone, you also can’t do everything. It’s okay to tell people no every now and then if they ask you to do something you simply don’t have the time for. And if your blog starts to become overwhelming, maybe you should consider hiring some help.

5. Never admitting their faults

No mother has ever been perfect, and the ones that pretend to be are liars. Your readers don’t always want to know how perfect your children are or how great you are at balancing your life. Sometimes they want to know that you’re human and that you make mistakes. This helps reassure them that their imperfections are not abnormal. Make sure to tell your readers about your failures every now and then, and mom bloggers will be happy to become an avid reader.

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