Why Writing One Post a Week Is the Best Option for Bloggers

blogger posts

Bloggers should be more productive when it comes to getting their work done. One idea for a blogger to use involves working with one post a week. This is a simple concept but it just might be the key to make it easier for anyone to get a blog to be more interesting. Several ideas have to be used in order to make a blog like this more viable and useful for any reason.

blogger posts

Even out Content

First, writing one post a week makes it easier for content to be spaced out. The goal is to make sure that the content being generated is arranged with regards to keeping it fresh without running out of anything after a while. The long term plan for a blog is more important by far than the simple short term plan with regards to what is being added.

Prepare Right

Second, a weekly plan can be used to give any blogger time to prepare the content. This includes not only writing a post but also figuring out what the right topic should be. This also gives the writer time to take a look at one’s posts to see if they need to be corrected or if they are fine in any particular way. A full check and review must be used to see that a blog post is being run the right way.

Keep a Fanbase

Keeping this schedule is also made to make it easier for a blog to retain its visitors. Visitors are more likely to stick with a blog if they know that it is going to be updated on a regular basis. They will await the appropriate time of the week when an update is to be posted.

A blog that doesn’t bother with updating itself at the right times will be more likely to fail due to a lack of interest from the writer to actually update it at the right times. This is a real problem that must be avoided in order to make the blogging experience a little easier to manage.

More Detail

A weekly post can also work with more rich media content. It might be easier to get a weekly post set up with more information in order to make the weekly frequency worthwhile. Rich media content like a video or audio file can be added to the content to make it a little more entertaining and to even add to the content that someone is able to get out of it.

Another real key to take a look at relates to how well it is used to make a blog a little more detailed. Sometimes working with just one post each week may be great with regards to getting the content on a blog to be as detailed and impressive as it possibly can be.

A blog that is only updated once a week can be adjusted and reviewed with regards to getting its data researched, edited and confirmed. Having the extra time to get the blog post updated and checked always helps.

Steady Growth

The final reason for this is that it helps to get the growth that a blog experiences to be as steady as possible. Steady growth is needed in order to get a blog to appear more viable and interesting. It is also much easier for a blog to be prepared when it is written with this frequency for getting it all handled the right way.

The need to write one blog post a week is important for any blogger to take a look at. This schedule for writing can be made to give any blogger an easier time with handling one’s writing so it will not be all that complicated for a person to get this kind of task handled.

Get into the nitty-gritty of SEO

Posting one blog post in a week would give you enough time to concentrate on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your blog. SEO is all together a different subject. Basically, it has nothing to do with writing blog-posts because it is bit more technical.

Hence, you need time to know various aspects of SEO. Moreover, it is better to learn yourself rather spending huge amount of money on SEO training and other coaching materials.

SEO is very complicated subject, you cannot learn in few days because it keeps changing therefore get into the nitty-gritty of SEO in your free time.

Focus on Creating Viral Content

Traffic, Traffic and Traffic is the only metrics to measure success when it comes to blogging. And the best way to get traffic on to your blog is by creating as much as viral content.

Viral content is liked so much by the people on internet that they would share with their friends. Hence, you receive a lot of visitors to your blog.

However, creating viral content is a great challenge. It is not as easy as writing a normal blog post because it requires a lot of research.

If you have to post one blog in a week then you could get time to focus on creating viral content.

Plenty of Time to Hone Your Writing Skills

Blogging is not a science it is an art of writing. If you want to build a true relationship with your visitors then you need to build a conversation with them.

It means that your blog should talk to them and this is only possible when you write great posts. You need to write daily and learn all the new developments taking place in the contemporary from of the language.

Remember blogging is not like writing an essay as both of them are two different things. Thus, write and learn new things about the language.

Ample Time for Your Part-Time or Full-Time Job

When you have to write a single blog post in 7 days then you will get more time to focus on your part-time or full-time job.

If blogging is your full-time job then you can divert some time on other part-time jobs and if it is your part-time job then you could give more time to blogging itself.

Therefore, blogging once a week is great for bloggers because you could devote time on other activities.

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