Can Ergonomics Improve Productivity for Bloggers?

Productivity for Bloggers

What makes a work space productive for the average blogger? A computer? A fast internet connection? A nice keyboard? Clearly, the components that make a work place productive vary by industry.  A person processing medical claims and coding them will have different needs than a freelance writer.

Productivity for Bloggers

What needs to be considered are the demands and tasks associated with the assignment to determine the ergonomic requirements of the workers to create the most Productivity for Bloggers and productive work area possible.  When planning an ergonomic work environment it is also key to consider the overall environment.  A blogger who works in a newsroom will have different needs than a blogger working from home.

Consider the Main Tasks

The primary function in a blogger’s job description is keyboarding, aka, typing.  Typing, in and of itself is not a risky activity.  Engaging in it for long periods of time on a keyboard that is not ergonomically designed can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome pain, other muscle soreness, and strain.  When most typing was done on a desktop computer- this was less of an issue as ergonomically designed keyboards were easily installed.  Now that more laptops are in use the keyboard issue is more common.  Laptops to not have a split keyboard design nor can the keyboard be raised and lowered to accommodate different positions or users.  For individuals who have jobs that require a lot of typing and primarily use a laptop computer, many physical therapists and chiropractors advise in purchasing a separate keyboard that can be wirelessly connected to the computer and positioned for optimum comfort.

So how does this relate to productivity? Well, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome often requires surgery to remedy.  Typing efficiently is not very possible while recovering from wrist and hand surgery.  The time off needed to adequately recover would certainly impact productivity as would any physical or occupational therapy needed to fully regain strength and mobility.

Typing is usually done while sitting at a table or desk.  As a freelance writer, I spend a lot of time seated writing.  For the first several years of my career I set up at the dining room table and used a dining chair.  It did not take long before I began experiencing back pain and soreness.  However, it took me quite a while to connect my back pain with my work environment.  After a few massages and trips to a chiropractor to get back pain relief it was suggested to me that my work environment could be responsible.

Take the Professional’s Advice

At the massage therapist and chiropractor’s recommendation, I invested in a well-designed chair that could be adjusted to suit my needs at the time.  It has been a fantastic investment and I have experienced a lot of pain relief from that simple change.  In turn I have been a much more productive writer.  I am able to tackle more projects in a shorter period of time as I am not distracted by a dull nagging ache.  Writing takes less time because fewer breaks are required for me to stretch and be comfortable.  I also do not have to have a weekly massage appointment or chiropractor appointments that eat into my time.

The chair I purchased was fairly expensive but so were the chiropractor appointments and massages.  If investing in a chair that may cost a few hundred dollars is out of reach, consider a lumbar support pillow at least.  This may provide some relief from back pain and provide support for the low back.  It may not be the best solution but at least it is something.  These can often be purchased for less than $50.

Two simple changes, using an ergonomically designed keyboard and using an ergonomically designed chair have quite literally changed my work life.  I am much more focused, enthusiastic, and productive in my writing. These changes were easy to make and comparatively inexpensive especially when compared with long term treatment for pain and discomfort.  Overall, they have increased my profits because I am able to accomplish so much more in less time. I hope this article help you to improve Productivity for Bloggers.

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