4 Outsourcing Tips For Online Entrepreneurs

Here are some Outsourcing Tips For Online Entrepreneurs. If you want to make money online, you are not alone. However, a lot of marketers make some crucial mistakes that prevent them from earning a full time living online. If you make these errors, you will severely limit your profit potential. Here is the biggest mistake business owners make:

Relying Completely On Themselves

If your business is completely dependent on you, then it is not a business-it is a job. There are many service providers today (i.e. content writers, web designers, etc) that do everything themselves. While these providers might have high paying jobs, their income is always going to be limited.

After all, there are only so many jobs they can do in a day, and there is a limit to what they can charge per job. Once they have reached that point, their income stops increasing. The worst part is that if they ever stop working, the money stops coming in.

This is why you need to outsource. There are many potential tasks you can offload, and they will make your job much easier. Not only will they free up your time to focus on other things, but they will help you build a scalable business. This means your business will be able to handle 1,000 customers just as easily as 10. If you cannot easily increase the amount of customers you have, then you have a job-not a business.

How to Find a Quality Outsourcer

Of course, now that you know you have to get rid of some tasks, you must be able to find a quality outsourcer. This is not always easy. If you are looking for the best, here are 4 guidelines you must follow:

1. Consider Private Contractors

Many people are considering going with large agencies. However, in many instances they are harder to contact, and they tend to get the work done more slowly. Instead, you might want to go with private contractors. They generally get the job done faster, and are easier to contact.

2. Be Clear About What You Need

One mistake a lot of outsourcers make is that they are not clear about what is required for the job. Then the provider ends up messing up the project. Instead, you want to have the service provider rephrase it to you to make sure they understand what is needed.

3. Make Sure They Have Actually Read the Assignment

There are plenty of providers that will simply post a carbon copy response to every job posting they apply to. They phrase things to make it sound like they have read the posting, when in reality they have not. To avoid these spammers, make sure you have the providers say something in the post to indicate they have actually read it (i.e. write John Smith at the bottom, etc).

4. Do Not Outsource the Marketing

Many successful business owners will affirm that the marketing is the most important part of any company. You can generally outsource the other tasks relatively cheaply (i.e. product or service creation and fulfillment, customer service, etc). However, hiring a good marketer can be extremely expensive.

Since it is the most profitable skill you can have, you would do well to learn it yourself. After all no matter what business you are in, you are really in the business of marketing. You can have the best product in the world, but if you cannot sell it then you will not make money.


If you want to make a lot of money online, then your business cannot be completely reliant on you. Use these 4 tips, and you will start increasing your income shortly.

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