5 Notebooks That Are Worth Buying

Notebooks have been booming with reviews whether good or bad.  Many still are confused to the difference between a notebook and a laptop.  For some companies the term is interchangeable while others refer to the CD-ROM size (if any) to determine which is which.  A laptop will have the CD-ROM in the system while the notebook will offer a place to attach the data.

For companies that make both a laptop and a notebooks, the notebooks is smaller and lighter, with a little less functionality than a laptop.  Other companies do interchange the term so it is important to access your needs and preferences if in fact the two are different.

1. HP Pavilion dm1

Do not be confused with the dm1z version that was pushed out previously; this is newest version.  The updated version offers the same internal options with a little more boost like; 4G of Ram, the processor is now 1.65 GHz and the resolution of the screen is now 1366 x 768, and the weight is less than 4 pounds. The look is sleeker and savvy which has gotten the attention of notebook buyers; not to mention the base price of 445.00 dollars

2. Toshiba Portégé Z835

For some this may resemble the MacBook Air only cheaper, and for some that is okay.  This notebook offers an extreme exclusive line of gaming abilities and is faster than Acer and Aspire models.  The 128GB drive is rarely seen on computer systems priced at $900.00 per unit.  This is the ultra-light book on the market weighting in at 2.4lbs and for some that makes up for the clumsy keyboard.

3. HP Envy 14 Spectre

There must be something quite special if the starting price tag is over $1400.  Perhaps the name says it all, Envy.  Like the iphone 4 this notebook’s main component is glass which is a better transmitter of wireless signals than that of traditional metal.  The notebook is adaptable to a user’s smartphone, making it a dual-purpose tool.

4. Lenovo IdeaPad U300s

This new model is the cream of the crop with its super speed and memory capacity the numbers are: 4GB of RAM and one of the fasted SSD hard drives on the market at 256GB.  It has two USB ports and headphone/mike combo jack.  There is no SD card slot.  The Lenovo features the same ideals as a Mac-book, but may fall short a few battery bars.  Since it is super charged with many option the makers may have to re-evaluate the battery life, especially for gamers.

5. Apple MacBook Air

For Mac lovers this notebook is the only choice; especially with price range of $1000 – $1600.  The memory ranges along with the price range making this Mac an easy adapter to those ready to make the switch.  If you are an apple brand user, iphone, itunes, ipad, etc this is the ultimate link to all your data and apps.

Choosing a notebooks will depend on how much or how little you intend to use it.  If you are looking for a new way to transport and supplement your data; the notebooks is the newest techie gadget.

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