Samsung’s Newest Gadget: The Samsung Muse

the Samsung Muse

Samsung has introduced its newest gadget, the Samsung Muse Player.  Not surprisingly, this gadget takes into consideration our use of technology in multiple forms and allows you to forego using a PC to sync your music to the mp3 player.  Instead, you can sync music right from your phone.

the Samsung Muse

While some users may welcome this bit of evolution, others may wonder why bother with an mp3 player when you already have a smartphone that can play music just fine?

Using an MP3 Rather Than a Phone

These days, more people are using mp3 players while in movement and do not want to use phones in order to get at their music.  The Samsung Muse was designed with people who prefer to listen to music while exercising but do not want to use their phones in mind.  This is especially a plus for those who want to listen to music while running.  The small pebble shape device is unobtrusive and can be easily stored out of the way.

In addition to the small size, there is another benefit to the device.  This small gadget holds up to 4GB of memory, so you can include a nice size collection of music and other audio clips with this device.  You can also use a companion app in the Google Play store, the Muse Sync app, that not only helps you move your music from the phone to the player but also helps you manage your files and choose the way you sync.

Comparing to the iPhone

Of course, any mp3 player will find itself in competition with Apple’s iPhone, so how does the Samsung Muse Player stand up to its competitor?  One of the first things you will notice is that the Muse has only a fraction of the internal storage space of the iPod.  The iPod classic has 160GB of memory, which means it can hold a plethora of audio files, video files and even photos.

However, the 4GB memory may be a preference for those who do not want to waste time searching for their favorite music while they work out and do not need videos and photos.  Furthermore, the mp3 player has another factor in its favor that some may find more appealing than an iPod.

The Samsung Muse Price

The Samsung Muse only costs about $50.  The iPod Shuffle costs slightly less but has only half the memory and does not sync directly with a phone.  Other iPod devices cost more than three times as much and do not have the lightweight design.

Is It Worth It?

The Samsung Muse 1

Many people are using their phones and storing more data on them now more than ever.  Having a device you can sync directly to the phone can be quite useful for those who do not want to go through a PC in order to get their music on their mp3 player.  In this case, the Samsung Muse is worth the money.

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