The Do’s and Don’ts of Blogging

In this day and age the new generation is far more technologically advanced than what their parents were years ago. With the internet being as advanced as it is today and with so many new social networking sites available, almost everyone has a social media profile on one or more social media platforms.

More and more bloggers have appeared and are not sure what correct blogging etiquette is. Therefore I have provided a few do’s and don’ts to get them on their way.

DO update your blog regularly. Most blogging sites have readers who are keen on the topic resulting on them subscribing to the blog. If you are an avid blogger, this update should take place once a day. Yet if you are not that enthusiastic about blogging, the update should occur once a week.

DON’T crowd your blog page with useless widgets or advertisements. Some visitors might not return as your blog site might look overcrowded and monotonous to visitors.

DO tell people that you are blogging. This is a way to ensure that you will have some visitors and maybe a few that subscribe to or follow the blog. You can achieve this through social media marketing. Advertise your blog site on all of your social media sites. For example: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

DON’T have songs or advertisements that auto play when someone enters your site. This might lead the visitor to become awkward when entering your blog site. If the music plays loudly or the readers does not like the music selected they might exit the site without even taking a glance at the blog post. This would result in the listener not returning to the site.

DO link your blog site to your Facebook and Twitter pages. In this way the visitors can keep up-to-date with what you’re doing in your life as well as stay in contact. There is also the feature that would allow readers to tweet or send a facebook message about the blog and it could be displayed o your blog site.

DON’T write long passages. Make the blog easy reading by adding a few paragraphs and maybe an image or a video for interest.

DO subscribe to your own blog so that you can see what the readers receive. Through the subscription you will be able to view exactly what the subscriber will view. This is also an alternative way to do proof reading.

DON’T remain online all the time. Go out into the world and do something that inspires you to write brilliant content. For example: voice your opinion to something that might have happened on your way to work, such as road rage.

DO spend most of your time writing unique and extraordinary content. In most cases the reader would like to read content of your own opinion and not a piece of information that you have taken from another website. In this way not only will you become uninteresting but you’re stealing someone else’s intellectual property.

DON’T go into depth about your personal life. You can add a little personal information to create a personal relationship with your readers but do not add too much information. By blogging too much personal information there is a good possibility that you will be making your bloggers feel uncomfortable.

DO build your social credibility. This refers to not just placing your avatar on facebook and twitter. You should join forums and provide interesting and practical information. Through this you will build your name and your credibility. Then readers will click on your avatar in order to reach your blog.

DON’T ever start a disagreement online. Do not provoke someone; you need to maintain proper internet etiquette.

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