7 Great Ideas to Make Money Blogging with Your Niche Blog


It is always inspiring to see bloggers earning money online and happily opting out the orthodox corporate jobs. Listening to their success stories vibrates your mind also to give it a try because you know you can also write well, Isn’t it? But, the anticipation that “what if I don’t succeed?” holds you back.


Well, this feeling is obvious, but fortunately, there are proven ideas and success keys that ensure payments through your blogs:

Choose a profitable niche

It is the most elementary step to becoming a professional blogger. Now, if you ‘start blogging about topics that are less familiar, seasonal or not popular online, you are at a loss. For example, you write about something seasonal like fashionable winter-wears, you will have decent traffic during winters but what about the other time of the year? A profitable niche is mandatory to fortify your regular income.

Get enough targeted traffic

Improve your writing skills, do quality research on your topics and keep your content fresh, attractive, and helpful for readers and you will find readers swarming your blogs. Achieve a brand tag from your blogs, each having a unique style of yours, commendable content, and you will have enough traffic for your blogs. Happy earning!

Pay per click advertising

This method of earning money is dependent on the amount of traffic your blog gets. You contact a provider, and they give you an ad relevant to the context of your blog. Every time a reader of your blog clicks on these ad links you get paid. As a percentage of readers clicking on these ads will below, so you need high traffic to earn a substantial amount of money.

Promote affiliate product

This is a very simple and productive mechanism to earn a healthy amount of bucks via your blogs. Plenty of entrepreneurs and companies want to boost their sales, and your blogs can be of immense help to them.

Just put in some ‘engaging texts’ regarding that product (relevant to your topic, of course!) in your blog with hyperlinks directed to its purchase-website, and keep on earning a commission each time your blog readers buy that product reading your blog.

E-mail Marketing

With greater traffic, you have loads of email-ids of readers registered on your blogging site. This list of email ids you can use for promoting events/workshops and various products and most importantly for maintaining traffic by updating them on your upcoming blogs. E-mail marketing is an indirect source of money, the primary function being the increment of your blog traffic.

Write/sell an e-book

If you are good at your writing skills and have a lucid and thorough knowledge, you must give it a try! With the advent of Amazon kindle and apple IPad, e-books are very popular nowadays.

You can almost write about anything to compile a nice ‘e-literature’, and if your text is noteworthy, then you are sure to get rich by selling your e-books online, especially if you use amazon ads for authors to promote your work – it can help out massively in the long run. So, nurture the author hidden inside you and get paid!

Offer a service and use AdSense

There are plenty of people who need skilled blog writers to write for them. You offer your writing service to them and earn bucks. AdSense is particularly important for niche bloggers, for whom other types of monetization are not possible.

AdSense is essentially a service, providing advertising platforms for bloggers. They publicize your blogs on the internet, in return, they take some of your page space for their advertisement.

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