Three Tips for Finding the Appropriate Casters for a Cart


Carts are used for transporting items in a variety of industries. For instance, a hospital uses carts to transport food and medical items to patients’ rooms on different floors of the facility. The owner of a large restaurant uses carts to move food items to refrigerators, the storeroom, the dining room and elsewhere.


Regardless of the purpose of a cart, it’s important for it to have the right casters. Check out three tips to help you choose appropriate casters for the carts used in your business.

Consider the Items Being Transported

One tip is to consider the specific items you want to transport. For example, carts used in a hotel to deliver towels, wash cloths and bathrobes to guests’ rooms require casters designed to support a light amount of weight.

Alternatively, restaurant carts that transport number 10 cans, stacks of plates and large pans require casters that can support a hundred pounds or more. The casters you choose should have the strength to support whatever items you put onto the cart.

Think about the Cart’s Work Environment

Another valuable tip for finding the appropriate casters is to think about the environment where the cart will be used. For instance, rubber casters are designed to move well on even floors such as those found in hospitals.

Alternatively, a stainless steel caster wheel is a good choice for carts that travel over wet floors due to their durable material. Whatever casters you choose must be designed to withstand their work environment.

Look at the Path Traveled by Your Carts

You should think about all of the places your carts travel to. For instance, if you’re choosing casters for hospital carts, you must keep in mind that they may have to enter and exit elevators. The casters you choose should have no difficulty navigating that terrain. Also, you must decide if you need casters that swivel.

If your carts travel around a lot of corners and move through narrow spaces, then a swivel design is necessary. Also, do you want casters that lock? This can be important if you are using carts in an environment where they need to be stationary.

Finally, the right casters are necessary if you want your carts to be useful to your business. Taking a little time to choose the most appropriate casters can pay off in the long run.

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