Find Your Place in the World: Earn a Degree in GIS


“Turn left in 500 feet, then turn right.” GPS navigation is a common part of your world today. It is in your car and on your phone. The technology behind these devices is called geographical information systems or GIS. But GIS does more than just power the navigation in these devices. It goes way beyond that. It relates to anything that displays, integrates, shares, stores, analyzes, or edits geographic information.


GIS is used by scientist, businesses, and public agencies to map data. That data is then analyzed for patterns. Information that is paired with a geographical location is invaluable.

If this seems interesting to you, a GIS degree might be worth pursuing. This vast and exciting field is full of intrigue and is an emerging, high-growth industry that is sure to stimulate the mind. You can earn a gis degree online or on many campuses worldwide.

In this field, you learn how to take a geospatial perspective on pressing issues. It is much easier to visual data and its impact when seen on a map instead of a spreadsheet. With GIS you could find yourself working in architecture and design, environmental studies, law and crime, or even social work.

Earning a Degree

In the world of academics, GIS stands for geographical information science. GIS uses computer software to analyze spatial relationships by overlaying maps and datasets. You can pursue a Bachelor’s degree all the way up to a Master’s degree. Certification is also an option but widely debated. You may want to earn your degree in an on campus environment, or you can also earn a gis degree online.

Regardless of your choice, you will likely take classes in cartography, programming, database management, special analysis, and GIS software. This degree can open up a whole new world of possibilities. Take advantage.

Choosing a Career

As you build your knowledge-base, start thinking about areas of application. Choosing a career path is overwhelming for some. A GIS degree is applicable in so many professions, from agriculture to archaeology and from education to real estate, you have many options. The joy of such a degree is you can combine your loves.

Take the stimulating field of GIS and apply it to the profession of your choice. Increase public safety with disease mapping and disaster response. Develop locational intelligence or spy satellites while working with the military.  Help with urban planning through public administration. The doors this degree opens are truly endless.

Because this knowledge is so valuable, career opportunities abound. The applications of this specialty are never-ending. Because GIS is about asking big questions, capturing data on a map, analyzing the data, and responding to the issue, it is limited only by your imagination.

GIS is already making an impact on your life whether you realize it or not. GPS navigation is just one way. Weather reports, ambulance dispatches, police vehicle tracking, and park locations are all informed by GIS specialists.

Become a tool in shaping your world. Open your eyes to a new spatial plane. Find your place in this world, and then map it with your newfound knowledge of GIS.

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