Reasons and Benefits of Outsourcing to the Ukraine


Ukraine has become one of the top outsourcing destinations for software development. This country has a lot going for it: skilled young professionals, foreign investors and support from the Ukrainian government. On top of all of that, it has a wonderful education system with approximately 36,000technical studies graduates per year.


Businesses are offered a full range of services that are necessary to set up operations in Ukraine. With their history of heavy technology, it is no wonder they are standing out from the competition.


Ukraine is one of the top countries businesses old and new should consider for investments, new markets and outsourcing. These success-hungry Ukrainian entrepreneurs have a lot to offer

Competitive Costs and Quality Work – It doesn’t matter how affordable the labor if the product is subpar. Even though developers’ salaries have increased over the years, software development costs are still highly competitive. This is mostly because the price comes with a progressively improving quality of products. Developers are also highly knowledgeable and can be relied on for their expertise.

Education and Background – Ukraine has a 98-percent literacy rate. Eighty-seven percent of high school graduates pursue higher education and of those 35 percent chose an IT-related discipline. Ukrainian students have won numerous prizes in world mathematical and programming contests. Their focus on fundamentals in a wide range of tech-related fields allows graduates great at problem-solving. Their education does not limit them to one specialized field.

Communication – Working with Ukrainian specialists is made easy. A large percentage of Ukrainians speak fluent English. Their culture is similar to that of western cultures. They have a strong work ethic. Furthermore, there are many advantages to nearshore software development. They are only seven hours ahead of the United States’ east coast.

Software Experts – They are well-known as a country with many outsourcing companies. They boast accomplished JavaScript software development specialists, engineers and quality assessments. They rank as one of the top ten countries with the most qualifies and highly certified information technology specialists.


There are many benefits to outsourcing beyond cost-cutting. Providers are investing more in the quality of service and businesses are responding. Delegating software development to an offshore company doesn’t mean an inferior product. Outsourcing is a great way to utilize software development services to gain additional business advantages.

Additional skills – When outsourcing to experts, you are able to leverage the strengths of your partner to accomplish a task that is beyond the capabilities of your in-house staff. Companies like Redwerk have teams of experts in all areas of software development. Their ability to think creatively and innovatively will allow you to develop a software the exceeds your expectations

Talent – It can be hard to attract exceptional talent. Instead of launching an extensive recruitment effort, many companies are choosing to seek premium league outsourcing providers. You gain a team of talented individuals that can work on your project specifically

Fresh Perspective – Companies that specialize in outsourcing work on a variety of projects for many different companies. They are able to bring a fresh perspective to your team. They can rely on past experiences to know what is effective.

Product Quality – When outsourcing your software development, choose a company that is known for its quality not merely its price. If you go with the cheapest provider you come across, your company will suffer. By outsourcing, you get to use a whole other company’s resources to develop your product.

Time to Market – Resources run thin when you try to do everything in-house. Employees are constantly splitting their attention between numerous projects. Allow your in-house team to focus on the things the excel at and partner up with an overseas company that specializes in software development. They will be able to get a better product out on the market faster.

Ukraine is a powerhouse of software development outsourcing resources. They are a country that has focused on math and science throughout their history. Their business culture shares many of the same ethics of businesses found in the United States. They are founded on values such as hard work and a drive to succeed. Outsourcing to Ukraine is a cost-effective approach to adding the expertise of software specialists. This frees up time for your team to focus on other things. In the end, you are able to deliver a product that is much higher quality than you could achieve at home.

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