10 Clever Uses of Stickers in Advertisements

When trying to promote a service/ product, every marketing tool does count may it be business cards, postcards, banners, flyers or stickers. Here, we shall be talking about sticker-yeah they do influence the advertising and marketing world in a lot of ways. People, especially children are mad for stickers– they just want more and more…

It usually just takes some time and causes the thinking of the customers to change for good. These are like a topic to think and go over, thereby leading to usage of stickers in daily life and even promotion of your brand. Stickers have an art of persuasion which causes the customer to have belief and trust in the company/service.  They are simple ways which help us cut through the competition and reach the customers/buyers directly.

Stickers can sometimes be used cleverly to promote and advertisement of a product. This does not sound very effective- I know, but mark my words it is very effective. Even if you happen to be in a very popular and competitive market demand, you can easily survive and master the market using all the marketing tools all-together.

On coming across a sticker advertisement, you can create a soft-spot in the heart of your market clients. Stickers, for a long time now have been known to yield profits and positive replies. We do happen to fall for many of the stickers ourselves in our daily lives, which do cause us to buy their products and services. Stickers are a kind of persuasive force which leads you to trust the advertisement blindly and fall prey to the advertisement.

Talking about types of stickers- there are many types of stickers which could be dedicated to different processes each, for e.g.: CD/DVD stickers, two-wheeler stickers, door stickers etc.  In order to make a sticker catchy it must portrait out a use of the product which makes the purpose of the product clear alongside a tagline which explains the service and also sounds a bit hilarious.

While creating a sticker campaign, the designer must have a look through the people’s eyes and make sure that the sticker is hilarious so that when a customer sees the sticker, he/she forms a positive image about the product and does even favor to buy it.

Though there are numerous examples of clever use of Stickers in advertisement, we bring to you our selectively favorite ones;

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