Google Has Acquired 217 More Patents from IBM

Google has increased its portfolio by buying more than 200 patents from IBM. Last July, Google had bought more than 2000 patents from IBM, before repeating the same operation two months later. Their new contract includes another 188 patents plus 29 pending ones. Both companies Google and IBM are still refusing to talk about the new deal.

Its patent portfolio has expanded so much, especially in the meantime the American giant of search bought Motorola Mobility, mainly for its patents. These operations are intended to protect against Google and its partners repeated trials. At present, it would appear to be more of a defense policy that is in place and not an attack, as do Apple, Microsoft. They only confirmed that it happened and that the transaction includes the patents listed at the USPTO website.

Manage e- mail, electronic calendars and transportation web applications between devices are just some of the many different patents have now passed into the hands of the creator of Android. However, a specific patent (the US Patent 7,865,592) refers to “use semantic networks to develop a social network.” In simple words, it might help a member of a social network to find other “like-minded” users.

With 17,000 patents and more than Motorola Mobility 2000 from IBM, Google is doing everything possible to ensure that its partners are to be attacked for using Android.

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