25 Examples of Memorable Postcards

Postcards, though not very effective are quite creative and interesting to come across. The limits of designs on the postcards are sky high and thus have a lot of variety to choose from and to be inspired from.  There are a lot of postcards that we come across in our daily life and thus remembering about one of them is a pretty tough call, so coming to the rescue for this problem is a highly creative and impressive postcard that makes it mark on the customer mind as a memorable postcard.

There are a lot of ways to make creative postcard to stand out of the crowd, so when trying to make a memorable postcard one should always cross check to have included the following particulars;

  • Name- It’s the main centre of attention and must be remembered by the people.
  • Logo – The Company’s logo should most preferably be creative, colorful and meaningful.
  • Company’s Services – Well a catchy tagline could do most of the telling but you must ensure to include some useful information about the services being covered by the company or product.  All services must be included, but emphasizing on the primary and main service could surely make a different opinion and cause a deal to crack or not.
  • Contact information- The most important part of the whole postcard is the contact information which leads the customer/client to you. The contact information must be precise and useful, including Office Address, Office Phone number, email address and website address is a must while giving fax number, Home address is just useless and unprofessional. Also, make sure to give the information a triple check with the number and spelling as this could make you lose a valuable customer in hand.

Now, concerning the designing process of the process, you could choose from various card types like double-sided card, folded card and Accordion-Folded card which could give an entirely unique shape to the postcard. Making use of rounded edges and sharp edges could be a clever move to make the postcard look elegant. You could even give them some vivid colors to make them eye-catching and tasteful. The postcard could be printed on a different paper type which uses different materials like cardboard, wood, plastic etc. If you want to print postcards then there are number of Online Postcard Printing services available on the web.

The above suggestions must have inspired your thinking, but these are just a few points which could be useful and continuing on this all-so-inspiring postcard sail, we bring to you 25 examples of the most memorable postcards.

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