Top 8 Methods To Get High Quality Backlinks For A Successful SEO Campaign

Backlinks play a very critical role in the success of an SEO campaign. The content has always been an important aspect and its importance has greatly increased after the recent Goggle update which came by the name of penguin. This does not mean that backlinks have lost their effect in ranking websites on Google. It means that now only high quality backlinks will aid in your SEO campaign.

Apart from enhancing your rankings over major search engines, backlinks also bring in relevant traffic to your website which includes visitors who are really interested in products and services provided by you.
I have presented below top 8 ways of creating high quality backlinks for a website:

1. Backlinks From Guest Posts

The links that your website gets from guest posts could turn out to be the most effective links if you do it properly. It is important that you post blogs on high PR websites as their value is more. But we all know that it is not so easy to get links from them. First it takes time to find them and secondly they are very strict in the nature and quality of content.

What you can do is search for low PR websites who are accepting guest blogs. Now you have to determine which of these websites show potential and would soon get a good PR. This method might take a little time but it very effective and provides long term benefits.

2. Comments On Blogs

By commenting on others blogs you get the opportunity to connect with others on the internet. By engaging with the people in same industry as yours, you can get highly relevant traffic on your site. People can view your comments and visit your blog if they like it. Further, if you are commenting on a “do follow” blog then you can also get some SEO benefit from the backlinks.

3. Social Media

Other than being a great platform to make connections, social media platform also provide “do follow” backlinks that are good for your website’s SEO. Some of the high profile social sites that provide “do follow” links are YouTube, Google Plus, Digg, StumbleUpon and SourceForge.

4. Article Submission

Article submission is similar to guest post with the only difference that the articles are posted on various article distribution websites. Some of the most popular websites for article marketing are Ezinearticles, Goarticles and Hubpages. Article distribution sites experienced a setback after Google Panda update but many of them are still able to provide relevant traffic to websites.

5. Directory Submissions

You can post the links of your site on various directory submission websites available on the internet. Visitors can view and visit you website when they check out the directories. DMOZ is the largest directory on the internet and it can provide you good exposure and quality traffic. However, it is a little tough to get listed on it so it would be better to start off with smaller directories.

6. Video Marketing

Video Marketing has emerged as one of the best alternative of article marketing. There are many types of software available which allow businesses to create simple videos that can be used to get backlinks. Videos are able to promote your business in a much better and effective way as it conveys your message in the form of photos and visual medium.

7. Internal Links

Internal links are also very important as they can boost the SEO campaign if done properly.

8. Forums

Forums over internet are good source of information. You can easily find forums for any information or topic that you want. Every time you post on a forum, you get a backlinks from it. You should find out forums that are related to your industry and provide information that is interesting to you. By posting on these forums you can generate quality backlinks for your website. However, some of the categories and forums do not provide backlinks so keep this in mind while searching for forums.

The above mentioned methods are just a few of the many ways of creating quality backlinks. The best thing about above methods is that they are free and do not require you to pay anything. However, there are various premium methods also but they require you to pay for the links.

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