Common PPC Advertising Mistakes Every Company Makes


Pay per click (PPC) advertising is a great marketing tactic for any size business with any size budget. And when you add in PPC platforms like Google AdWords that are simple to use and will track your metrics for you, there doesn’t seem to be a valid reason why your company shouldn’t be using the marketing tactic.


Some companies have found much success with PPC ads, and some companies haven’t been so lucky. Some companies fail because they don’t put the time and effort into using the tactic correctly, and others fail because they make one (or all) of these common PPC advertising mistakes.

They have boring ads

PPC advertising is still advertising. This means that you need to make your ad as compelling and engaging as possible. If you have a boring PPC ad, you’re not going to receive click throughs, and if you don’t receive click throughs, then you’re not going to see any ROI.

They have spammy ads

On the other end of the spectrum you’ll find those companies who create spammy ads. These ads contains all the spam words, such as “FREE” and “AMAZING” and even “URGENT”. If you don’t want to be associated with spam, don’t create spam messaging.

Their ads are stuffed with keywords

PPC advertising involves using keywords. Your ad will appear when these keywords are used, which helps you receive click throughs from people who are searching for your product or service. Stuffing your ad with keywords may help you boost your number of impressions, but it’s not going to help you receive the click throughs. Users want to know what your company has to offer, not that you can list a bunch of random words together and call it an ad.

They think a high number of click throughs equals success

Some companies make the mistake in thinking that the higher number of click throughs their ad is receiving, the more successful their ad is, but in reality, this isn’t the case. Yes, you want to receive click throughs, as this does help generate traffic to your website. But if you received 200 click throughs this month, but you didn’t earn any conversions, then technically, your ad wasn’t successful.

Your conversion may have been to increase sales or get people to “like” your Facebook page, but if these conversions aren’t made, you’ll want to revamp your ads.

They don’t track and adjust their campaigns

It’s very important that you track your ad’s success over every month. Pay attention to which keywords are generating the most hits, and see if people are actually clicking through on your ad. Tracking your results can help you learn if changes need to be made.

If a campaign isn’t successful, make a few changes. Check you copy to see if it’s coming off as boring or spammy. See if you need to change your keywords. Maybe you need to change your offer. PPC is a tactic that needs to be monitored, so do it.

When you use PPC advertising correctly, you will find much success. Make sure to avoid these common mistakes, and you’ll see click throughs and conversions in no time.

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