8 Free Sources for Online Software Tutorials

Software Tutorials

Technology is ever changing. Companies are always coming out with new computer programs, software, and operating systems, and updated versions of current programs, all offering up-to-date features and benefits. One can easily get discouraged or overwhelmed with all that information.

Software Tutorials

How does one keep up with learning it all?  These days you can find help online. Below are eight great resources for you to find whichever tools that might suit your particular need:

1. Parkland College

Linux User Concepts, a free course from Parkland College offers an introduction to Linux basics. It teaches basic commands, redirecting, text editing, and HTML all provided in a step-by-step 16 week online class.

2. University of California at Davis

Unix and Linux Tutorial Center is a lesson on topics ranging from Unix, C programming, shell usage, and programming style and bit-wise operations in an easily downloadable PDF format. One can also find information related to Java and Perl.

3. MIT

Through MIT’s free course, Practical Programming in C, one can learn about C programming and Unix through various media forms like online content, lecture notes, labs and other tutorial based subject matter. There are also courses in computer science and engineering.

4. Tufts University

Learn about 3D design animation and modeling through the free program, Blender 3D Design. Using PDFs, unit texts and web content, one can learn a variety of design techniques ranging from Blenders Functions and navigation to animation, lighting, and texture tools.

5. CG Online Tutorials

Looking to learn more in computer graphics? Try some of the resources offered by cgonlinetutorials.com to learn about a variety of graphic design programs. This site also provides plenty of examples, like a complex Rube Goldberg machine done in 3D.

6. Learnthat.com

Learnthat.com offers help learning various programs such as Microsoft Excel, Accounting, Windows, WordPress, QuickBooks, and many others. This site is an all around go-to store for a large variety of resources. In fact, this site offers so many resources that it is rather hard to believe that it is all free, but it really is!

7. Education Online For Computers

This site offers education, training and tutorials for learning Microsoft Office Programs, Adobe Programs like Photoshop and Dreamweaver, and also has a handy section on Web design. They offer even more in-depth training for a fee.

8. Tech Tutorials

This website, techtutorials.net, offers resources for thousands of computer programs, applications, networking and programming. Organized into categories, finding what you are looking for is pretty easy, and with that many options, they are bound to have what you are looking for here.

Resources like these make it easier to navigate through the complex maze that is the ever changing world of technology. With the right tools and interactive materials, keeping up with learning the latest and greatest advancements can be a fun, enjoyable process.

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