Use Pinterest To Put The Interest Back Into Holiday Planning

How to Use Pinterest to Holiday Planning? Do you end up with a myriad of sticky notes stuck all over a holiday brochure when you are booking your next holiday? And somehow it is always the sticky note with the holiday you really wanted which goes missing.

More people now book online, but the lure of a glossy brochure to read is hard to beat – especially during the winter months. If sticky notes everywhere are getting your holiday planning in a tangle, Pinterest could just be the place you really need to go for a break. Pinterest works like a digital noticeboard where you can “pin” your favourite images, links, and memories.


Mac users will be accustomed to the user experience of dragging and placing files on their desktop – and Pinterest becomes your very own desktop, which can be public or private. Pinterest users can also follow each other’s Pinterest digital notice boards, enjoying travel pictures and other holidaymakers’ experiences – it is like looking through someone else’s holiday album.

However, using Pinterest, you can find that perfect backpacking experience, find out about holiday hotspots you perhaps have never even dreamed of visiting – and learn about the best places to go on holiday, as recommended by real holidaymakers and not brochure copywriters.

Useful organisations like the Foreign and Commonwealth Office also use Pinterest, so you can pin their details on your Pinterest site in case you need to access information while abroad.

The point of Pinterest is let your imagination roam and save all the great experiences you have already had – or would like to have. Pinterest is also a great way of avoiding holiday nightmares, as Pinterest travel users only pin the best resorts, destinations and hotels to their online boards, so you avoid the salmonella-infected all inclusive buffet or shoddy hotel room you have paid a luxury price for on a package holiday.

It’s only a matter of time however, before an Pinterest board is created showcasing the worst hotels around the world. Images and names of the hotels could be named and shamed to prevent other holidaymakers suffering the same experience.

To get a glimpse of a Pinterest travel site, take a look at the Travel Channel, full of other holidaymakers’ memories and dream holidays – and start dreaming and planning for your next great escape.

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