Effective Ways to Place Advertisement on Your Blog


A blog is a space on the World Wide Web where an  individual or a group expresses their views on something to the society. There are different niche of blogs. As a blog owner, you can place advertisements on your blog. This will help you earn money.


While placing advertisement on your blog, always keep in mind the AIDA principle. The ad you place on your blog should be successful in grabbing the attention of your blog readers. It should create an interest in the blog visitors’ mind. This interest should be converted into demand for the product or service the ad deals with. Finally the demand must be translated into a call to action. You must make sure that the advertisement you place on your blog is able to achieve this.

Different kinds of blog Advertisement

Many advertisers have moved away from traditional advertising platforms. The Internet is one of the popular advertisement choices these days. Blogs are among the sought after advertisement options. There are a variety of ways you can place your advertisements on a blog. You can have

Post ads: This kind of ad is placed within your blog post. They are also called in post ads.

Page ads: Your blog can be a single page or it can run to several pages. You can have an advertisement placed in any page or pages of your blog.

Scroll ads: When advertisers have only text content to advertise, they use scroll ads. These ads scroll through your blog page. They run from right to left of the page.

Pop up ads: This kind of advertising appears as a separate pop up window on the blog page. Pop up ads are used to divert traffic from the blog site to a desired site.

Tips on effective ways to place advertisement on your blog:

Try to choose relevant advertisements for your blog

If you have a choice of what advertisements you need to place on your blog, you can choose advertisements that are related to your blog post. This will make the advertisement gel with the content of your blog post.

Avoid having flashy animation and graphics

As much as you can, you must avoid placing advertisements which have flashy graphics and animation. They may look good, no doubt. However, such advertisement distracts blog visitors. It takes away the attention of the blog readers from the blog to the advertisement.

Do not have too many advertisements on your blog

There are some blogs that are read by a number of readers. Advertisers would want to place their advertisement on blogs with maximum readership. However, as a blog owner who has good readership, you must be careful about the number of advertisements that you place on your blog. Make sure that your blog is not cluttered with too many advertisements. The ideal content and advertisement ratio is believed to be 1:3.

Be open to experimenting

As a blog owner, you must be open to experimenting with a variety of advertisement choices. You can have different advertisements placed on your blog. Based on the feedback you receive for the advertisements, you can decide what ads are best for your blog post.

Chalk out payment terms

For placing ads on your blogs, you can be paid either a fee for the space the ad occupies. Another way to be paid is based on the number of clicks the ad receives. You get paid per click for the advertisement.

If you get the opportunity to place advertisements on your blog, you must make sure that you follow effective ways to do so.

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