4 Awesome Ways to Improve Your Blog

For different people, blogs mean different things. For example, readers love reading other people’s ideas on the blogs as well as stay up to date on the latest headlines. Writers use blogs to showcase their talent, put their thoughts out there and improve their skills without having to pay exorbitant amounts. For experts of internet marketing, blogs are a way of boosting rankings through SEO and a way to boost a brand.

You probably have your own blog and you use it for distributing information or selling products or as a way to express yourself. No matter what your reasons are for having a blog, all blogs have room for improvement and it is a good idea to improve your blog.

Whether you are writing for commercial or personal reasons, a good blog will translate to higher rankings and it will have better chances of earning an  online income. No matter what your blog is about or what level of quality it is in, the fact that your blog is online means that it will need to evolve along with the rest of the online world. Tweaking your blog a bit may just increase your audience, making you a more effective blogger.

1. Focus on accurate, relevant and timely content.

There is nothing that will make your guest leave faster than seeing content from ten years ago at the top of the feed of your blog. As a professional internet marketer, you probably realize by now how much you are rewarded by Google when the content you create is accurate, relevant and timely. These qualities need to become part of the way you manage your blog.

To keep the interest of your readers on what you are saying, know who your audience is and publish content they want. Ideally, posting something new every day is best. To keep them hooked, make sure you post at the same time every day. If you can’t post new content every day, post twice a week at least. Less than this and readers may begin to ignore you.

2. Social Media Use

These days, when you communicate with audiences on a level that is personal, a lot of it is done by using social media. You can incorporate buttons for social media as much as you want. Besides buttons for social media make sure you add buttons of how your clients can communicate with you and have a blog subscription.

Provide a signup form by FeedBurner or an RSS feed right on your first page. These features need to be installed in your blog and are not difficult to do.

3. Storytelling

To be considered an industry expert, you will need to make your presence known, reveal who you are and show your personality. Tell a story of either your company or yourself. Feature details about professional growth, humble beginnings, credentials and education. You can also establish your expertise by including a biography section with a picture. If you are featuring a company, then include a picture of the company brand.

4. The Use of Photographs

Readers will find both pictures and words a lot more attractive than just words. Use photographs in between text chunks. This will be far more entertaining to readers than posts that are all text. Make sure you find and buy great stock photos to use in your postings. Photos you did yourself are great too.

Use inforgraphics, charts, graphs and screen shots as well, for variety. Put yourself in your reader’s place and you will also see how true it is that photos do make a difference and do affect your level of interest.

So, to really improve your blog you will need to post often, make it easy for your audience to share your work by incorporating social media icons, share your personal stories, and use more media in your postings. Hopefully you will do all of this and also look for more ways to improve your blog so that you can help grow your business.

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