iPad Mini : What we Know About Apple’s Smaller Tablet


It is probably an old and much talked about news already that Apple has launched the newest and the tiniest member of the iPad family, the iPad Mini. This junior iPad has been creating a buzz in the tech world since introducing this contradicts the Apple legend Steve Jobs’ very own words, “We think the 10-inch screen size is the minimum size required to create great tablet apps.”  The new addition is 7.9 inch, by the way.


Obviously this launch is to take a hand on the competitor Android tablets like the Nexus or Kindle ones. With this, Apple emphasizes on their focus on tablets that are useable by one hand. There were speculations that with such a smaller size and a comparatively lower price than the previous iPads, this version may lack the amazing display quality that makes an iPad the “most wished for” tablet.

Many consider not having the retina display is such a let down for Apple lovers. The fact is that the number of pixels is same as the iPad 2 with a crisper output thanks to the size, which is 1024×768 pixels, earned it a title as the “Shrank iPad 2”. The other similarities with iPad 2 would be the dual core A5 processor and 512 RAM.

This Mini one is the cheapest iPad so far; the Wi-Fi version with 16GB memory will cost about £269. The thing to consider is that the LTE and cellular version will be hitting the market soon, for which the consumers have to add about £100 more. The closest competitors like Kindle Fire HD and Nexus 7 tabs do not come with the LTE version in that size.

Kindle Fire HD has it in the 8.9 inch version, which better be compared to iPad 4. The iPad Mini is lighter and thinner than its competitions and has the trendy Apple design which makes it looks nicer. The iPad Mini is claimed to provide with a battery life of 10 hours where Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD offers 8 and 11 hours respectively.

If the price difference is not the factor and if someone is a true Apple lover, this iPad could be something grab-able for the holidays this year, but it would definitely be wise to wait up for the upcoming update. Since it is an Apple product, it obviously is pricier than its competitors and since it is cheaper, expecting regular iPad’s high performance would be a bit too much. This little buddy should be compared to its own as it is the first of its kind from Apple.

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