Eight Surprisingly Popular SEO Myths Debunked

SEO Myths

Eight Surprisingly Popular SEO Myths Debunked. The wealth of information available online about SEO makes learning about it pretty easy. Unfortunately however, not everything that’s written about SEO is true. There are quite a few myths and misconceptions floating around and they are surprisingly popular.

SEO Myths

In fact, SEO myths are so popular that it’s often pretty difficult to determine just what you should listen to and what you should ignore. Here are eight surprisingly popular SEO myths that hold no basis in truth.

On Page SEO is Unimportant

Despite many misconceptions to the contrary, on page SEO matters. It mightn’t matter quite as much as off page SEO but it’s still an important part of getting your site onto the first page of Google. When you ignore on page SEO, you are needlessly making your SERP goals more difficult to achieve.

Paid Links Will Get You Penalised

Provided you’re careful about where you purchase paid links from, there is no need to automatically fear a penalty. Paid links from sites that Google doesn’t like is obviously a bad strategy but that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from purchasing links from other sites. You just need to be subtle about it.

Keyword Density is Irrelevant

There is no optimal length for content. If you can pack a lot into a two hundred word article, there is no reason to worry about word counts. What you certainly do need to worry about however is keyword density. If Google ignored keyword density, how could it’s algorithm determine what your content is about?

Content is King

Content is king if you want repeat readers. But when it comes to SERP supremacy, content is just one more ingredient. It’s not the king ingredient either, that would be high quality backlinks. Though I am not suggesting that anybody should ignore content, you shouldn’t expect content alone to get you where you want to go.

Bad” Links Can’t Hurt You

A few bad links aren’t going to hurt you. Unfortunately however, if your inbound link portfolio contains a significant number of bad links and very few good ones, this can actually be a serious problem. Focus on building high quality backlinks and don’t experiment with dodgy link providers.

Page Rank is Important

Surprisingly enough, the idea that page rank is important for SERP is still widely believed. Google’s algorithm takes over two hundred factors into account when deciding where a site should rank. Page rank is only one factor and it’s such a minor one that you really shouldn’t pay any attention to it. The only people that really benefit from page rank are those selling services that can increase it.

You Must Submit Your Site to Search Engines

In the past, submitting your site to search engines might have been important but these days, it borders on being pointless. Provided you build backlinks to your site, the bots are eventually going to find it. Focus on building backlinks, let the bots do their job. They are getting more and more sophisticated by the day.

Ranking can be Guaranteed

Finally, there is the small matter of guaranteed SERP. There is no magic strategy, there is no magic SEO company. If somebody guarantees that they can get you to number one, they are either lying or they are delusional. Either way, you shouldn’t be giving them your money.

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