Efficient Techniques to Fight against Changing Google Robotics

google panda penguin

Just when we all thought the flames had died down and the fires almost out after the most recent changes made to the Google search algorithms, those Google bad boys (and girls) are at it again.

google panda penguin

Stirring up a host of trouble for webmasters and content marketers seems to be a never ending game, but every change made to search algorithms can (and frequently does) seriously impact on traffic numbers, page ranking and, more importantly – bottom line figures.

Guest blogging is the answer to many of the issues caused by search algorithm changes

Why change something which works?

Webmasters, executive board members and owners of websites linked to SMEs might wonder why Google changes the parameters of search algorithms so frequently. The answer to that is quite simple; the changes are designed to weed out the following:

  • Spammers

  • Buying and selling links

  • Excessive link exchange

  • Large scale article marketing

  • Automated programs or services which create bulk linking to sites

For owners of bona fide and authentic small and medium sized businesses, cultivating consumer confidence in their product, services and after sales service is a constant struggle. The ‘spammers and sharks which circle’ the Internet in shoals do not care about service. Most don’t give a damn about consumers.

Their target is to maximize ranking with as little effort and cost as possible in as short a space as time as possible. In fact the spammers may not be there for long, maybe just long enough to squeeze money out of unfortunate consumers.

It is these issues which can have an even bigger impact on traffic, page ranking and bottom line figures than any changes which are subsequently made to search algorithms.

Fighting back

Google, and to a lesser extent the other large search engines (Bing, Yahoo, Ask etc) constantly tweak the search algorithms in order to detect black hat practices, as they are often referred to. One of the methods of building links to a website business which is favored by search engines is guest post blogging, although there are many elements that can be applied to an SEO or content marketing strategy.

Posting blog entries on respected, well informed blog sites, blog sites which themselves are rated highly in Google and other search engines is an acceptable element of Google search. It is also a highly rated method of driving targeted traffic to a website page, a method which is highly scalable and delivers tangible results.

However, if you do not have the knowledge or the industry insider experience, just where, when and how do you even begin to guest post? Also, the issue of quality and quantity also raises its ugly head.

The guest blogging service cuts out all the research and hard work required for staying on top of the seemingly endless changes being made to search algorithms and what is accepted practice. It is a crucial element in fighting spammers and less than legitimate ‘business practice’ on the web.

From a legitimate business perspective, I for one am in favour of the changes which emanate from Google, even though I do like to have a good moan about them.

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