How to Sell Products Online : 2 Strategies that Work Effectively

The success you achieve in your online business depends on how you sell products online. The art of selling is the art that is not widely-known by people, especially those who are still learning their way to make a sale. Moreover, selling online is different from selling products offline.

You have to apply different strategy if you want to succeed selling your products online. Here are 2 online selling strategies that work effectively:

1. Social proof

When you sell products online, you have to provide social proof in order to attract people’s interest toward your product. Think about the time when you want to buy some products at local store. Usually, there is no social proof associated with the product that you are looking for. So, how do you know about that product? And why do you want to buy it? Perhaps, you know about the product from TV advertisements or perhaps you got the information about the product from your friends or family who recommend that product to you. And you become interested to buy the product based on either the ads or recommendations from other people.

If you look carefully, social proof plays a big role in determining how people attracted to certain product. At your local store, however, such social proof is not included with the product. In fact, you got your social proof from “behind the scene”. It is the same with other customers.

In online business, you have to be able to provide social proof within your sales page, in order to attract more people to buy your product. Why? That’s because it is important to boost your product’s value. Selling products on the internet is different from selling products on local store. Most of the time, your product is unknown to the people. The only way to present good social proof for your product is to display it in your sales page, in the form of testimonials, customer feedback’s, or even better, case studies.

2. Pricing

It is perhaps a good idea to sell an LCD TV for $200, but is it a good idea to sell your information product at the same price as an LCD TV? The right pricing will affect your product sales. When selling a product online, the price you give to your product must be reasonable and within reach. It is unreasonable to sell 15-page information product for $97 dollars, especially if people can get the same information for free. It is also unreasonable to price your information product at too high price. The key is to match your price with the value of your product. If you think that your product can give people more value than the price that they offer, it is good for you to go.

For new product, it is better for you to sell it at lower price at first, and then you can gradually charge more for your product, once you get more positive feedback’s from your customers.

Those are two strategies that work effectively to sell products online. If you apply those strategies effectively, it will affect your sales in the long run. And thus, it will also affect your online business as well.

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